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    Question Palit Gtx 1080 Gamerock Premium, LED Light flickering

    Hello, everybody! My Palit Gtx 1080 Gamerock Premium LED Light started flickering, flashing from one side (left or right doesn't matter, it depends how you look at it). It is set to GPU Temperature profile in the ThunderMaster software from the start (since december 2017). In this profile, the...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Which 2070 Super to choose Palit Zotac MSI KFA2

    Hello! My question: is KFA2 2070 Super Ex 8gb (two fans) good? It's only 500€ and looks cool. Could not find info about it. Or should I buy Zotac 2070 Super Twin Fan 8gb for the same price? There is a known card Palit 2070 Super JetStream with good reviews - cold, quiet but it costs 60€ more...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Would EVGA and Palit same model graphics card be able to connect via SLI?

    Hello, I have one old Palit nVidia geforce 9800 gt graphics card and want to buy another one to connect them in SLI. I found one online but it is EVGA one but the same model. Would this be a problem or should I look for another Palit one? Additional: Motherboard: ASUS M2N-Sli deluxe CPU: AMD...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Palit GTX1660 TI DUAL OC is good ?

    hey , any one that bought the " Palit GTX1660 TI DUAL OC " ? is it good quality ? will you recommend it for me ?
  5. V

    Question [RTX 2070] Issues after updating drivers

    Hello! Six months ago I purchased a Palit RTX 2070 OC and until fairly recently it was working incredibly well. A couple of weeks ago I decided to install the latest drivers and then weird things started happening. About a couple of hours after I updated the drivers, while in the middle of...
  6. K

    Question Advise on Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual 8GB

    Hello guys, I have a good deal for Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Dual 8GB with 2 years warranty still remaining, however I saw that the back of the PCB of the card is exposed by design - no cover - could this cause potential problems, should I be concerned about that? Also do you know if a back...
  7. N

    Question GPU and cpu fans not spinning, motherboard doesn't light if GPU is plugged in.

    Specs: CPU: Intel i3 - 6100 GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 750 ti PSU: Stock 450 watts (Unbranded) MoBo: Gigabyte h110m-ds2 I've tried cleaning the board, because I spilled some coffee on my desk and it managed to break in my cpu and when that happened, my screen blacked out so I quickly turned it off...
  8. K


    Hello. I've recently changed my Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti JetStream GPU (which was perfectly fine, i thought it was broken since it was a 2nd hand deal) with an ASUS RTX 2060 RoG OC. So basically, when I changed the fan speed of the Palit GTX 1070 Ti, the PC would make an electrical noise, and...
  9. osama_moussawi

    Discussion watch 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray Movies

    Can Palit 1050ti 4GB let me watch 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray Movies on my i7-8700 16GB RAM PC?
  10. K

    Question Big GPU problem

    Hello, I have a very annoying problem with my GPU. It's the Palit GTX 1070 Ti JetStream, and back in December, it started buzzing (making weird electrical noises). I thought my PSU was the issue. But actually no, it wasn't. So I got a brand new CoolerMaster V1000 Gold, a few days ago. But nope...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Help Please ! What should I do ???

    Hi, I m looking to purchase a pc gaming but I dont know if will be the right one. I was checking in benchmark and I dont understand why Ryzen 3 is better than AMD FX 8350 .however fx 8350 is an octa core with 4GHz and ryzen 3 2200g is just a quad core 3.5 GHz ....doesnt make sense . I found a...
  12. A

    Question Newly Built PC Won't Display Anything

    Hey all- I just recently built my first gaming computer and, for some reason, my PC will not display anything to my monitor. Fans are running, lights are on, and appears to be working- except for the fact it doesn't display anything. It has not POSTed yet or been activated in any way, and it has...
  13. adooley8

    Question Rather hot idling temperature - GTX 1070

    I need some help with my GPU temps. As of late, the GPU is idling very hot, roughly 52c which is way above my comfort zone, especially considering the card used to idle at mid 30s without any issues. Now i must confess, while doing some PC maintenance i had a nightmare occur. I bought some...
  14. R

    Question Gaming 1080p on a 30inches 2k display

    Hi, I had a question in mind. I read earlier today that 1080p displays above 24 inches are not good for gaming and that they reduce the picture quality due to the low no. of pixels so a display above 24 inches is recomended to be 2k for gaming. So my question is what if i buy a 30 inches 2k...
  15. J

    Question Laptop under £1000 with 1060 and very good cooling

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new laptop. I am looking to spend £600-£800 I will be using this laptop for all sorts. I am a bit of a gamer so i would like to get one with a decent graphics card possibility of upgrading at a later date. The screen has to been at least 1080p. I wont be taking it...
  16. A

    Question Gaming PC - Short Periodic Freezes

    Hello everyone, I am dealing with a situation with my computer where I am getting these short 5 or so second freezes. It may happen once every 30 minutes to an hour. I have been running MSI After burner and it looks like during the freezes, GPU usage %, FB usage %, Core clock MHz, and Memory...
  17. PrinceTexasLoaf

    redcat Volcano epx engine swap

    Hi, I have a redcat volcano epx (2017 model) here is the link to it : and I'm not very satisfied with the torque it delivers and I was wondering what brushed (maybe brushless If I...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] will these parts work together?

    apu: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad Core 3.5GHz (3.7GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 Desktop APU Motherboard: ASRock B450M-HDV AMD B450 Ryzen Socket AM4 Micro-ATX Desktop Motherboard Ram: G.Skill F4-2666C15D-8GVR Ripjaws V 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4-2666MHz CL15 1.2V Red Desktop Memory PSU: Corsair CP-9020170 VS Series...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Upgrading i3 4160/GTX 760 to i7 4790k/1080ti combo; will my PSU be adequate for the upgrade?

    Hello so I've decided to upgrade my CPU+GPU combo on my LGA 1150 socket motherboard instead of a new build and I was wondering if my current power supply, an Antec Earthwatts EA-650W would be sufficient, but seeing as this PW is around 4-5 years old already, would it be a good idea to also...
  20. R

    Question SSD malfunctioning

    Im having a wierd issue where my ssd stops being detected randomly, and it doesnt work again until i adjust the sata cable,i have hdds on the same system working fine and the ssd functions with normal speeds, but every once in a while (about once a day) it stops being detected and windows crashes.