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    Question Radeon vii vs GTX 1080

    What's the better upgrade? I currently have a RX 580.
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    Question Help! MSI Tomahawk b450

    Hello! I can't get my system to post at all. Just getting a black pc monitor. Here is what I have. Ryzen 5 2600 Msi Tomahawk b450motherboard MSI Radeon RX580 Armor Mk2 G skill Ripjaw ddr4 3200 Taken everything out of the case and have it set up on work bench. Double and triple checked all...
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    Question about portable hard drive

    I have got a number of portable 2.5" hard drives, they are either Seagate or WD I've been hearing about the legend that there is a max. number of plugging and unplugging of the data cable before the port goes wrong, is it true? In case the port is damaged after a lot of plugging and unplugging...
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    Question gpu artifacting but works fine in different system

    so i just got a new system. the specs are an i7 3770, 32gb ram ddr3 1600, 2x gtx 970(now only one as you can see), and a 1000w powersupply from corsair. so i got the system updated windows and everything seemed to be going just fime until BAM, it artifacts for a split second, restarts and...
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    Question Adding a populated hard drive to a new computer.

    I have a 4tb storage hard drive on my old computer and want to add it to a new one I'm buying. Will Win10 recognize the installed programs and where they are or will I have to reinstall everything to make sure the registry is up to date? Is there a program that can do this for me?
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    Question 6700k high temps/100% usage

    So I went out and bought a 2080, blew the dust out of my case and installed the 2080. A day later I started noticing I was getting massive stutters in games like Battlefield V. Checked my cpu temps in HWMonitor and they were through the roof like 90c+. Usage was going from anywhere to 50% all...
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    Question Best 144hz monitor, how are they different?

    There are many 1080p 144hz monitors. While they all share the same specs, 1 ms, tn, 144hz, 24 inches, 1080p, why is there such a wide range of prices? Basically, what I am trying to say is what factor am I missing in judging the quality of a monitor? Also, what is the cheapest 144hz 1080p...
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    HP Pavilion 580-023w

    Would the Nvidia GTX 1060-3gb from the HP 580-023w be worth reusing in new build ? I'm on a tight budget and this seems to be the breaking point on the budget. I'm a newbie so please go easy on me.
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    After upgrading from an i3 8100 to an i5 8400, internal graphics on my motherboard no longer work

    I recently bought a Windows mixed reality headset from acer, and it was running perfectly with my computer (my previous CPU was i3 8100), with dual monitors. Just so you know I was using the HDMI port on my motherboard to do this. After I upgraded the CPU (to an i5 8400) , it no longer worked...
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    upgradeing my ram

    hello i am wanting to upgrade my ram i have ballistic sport ram 2x4 gigs already know i do not want to buy 2 more 4 gigs dont know if it will work and honestly dont want to waste my time question is i want 16 gigs of ram i have a asus maximus vii hero alpha mother board have i7 7700 cpu can...
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    No video no beep

    Hello, I just inherited a g1 sniper b7 mobo with an i7-6700k. Everything seems to be plugged in. But when I boot up, there's no video and no beeps. Even after pulling the vengeance lpx 8gb 2400 mhz ram.
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    Fans running at 100%! Super Loud.

    I have an issue with a system I just built. The mobo that is in the build only has one cpu header and one fan header on it. So I added a fan hub to the system and plugged the two front intake fans and the one rear exhaust fan into the fan hub and connected the fan hub to the lone fan header on...
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    Enabling IGPU for Third Monitor

    Ive had a 2 monitor setup for awhile and recently i got a new 144hz monitor to add on my setup so i took one of the cables connected to the gpu and put it in the motherboard slots and put the new monitor in the gpu slots, and then went into the BIOs and put on the IGPU Multi Monitoring...
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    Missing part to add in a microphone clip

    I am switching my microphone stand into a microphone stand. I already have a microphone clip. Here the link: \ Now I am missing some sort of small metal rod that will connect my microphone clip...
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    Need help With BSOD dump file

    been having this problem for quite some time now. Been getting it constantly while using OBS streaming software, like 2 or 3 hours into the stream. Now it started happening (rarely) while just browsing the web and watching videos. Dump file is available here - Dump File so you can have a look...
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    Corsair RAM and Msi z390 Compatibility Check

    Hi guys! I am planning to upgrade my pc to: i9-9900k, MSI z390 Ace and Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 32GB(4x8). Ram model is CMW16GX4M2C3000C15, that is not stated in motherboard support list. So I don't know, will it work with Msi z390 Ace or any other Msi z390 motherboard. If someone already...
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    Upgrading PC parts

    I'm thinking of upgrading some parts of my PC but honestly im not sure which part i should upgrade for now due to budget limit i cant change alot of things, i thought that my GPU is kind of weak and it should be my first upgrade. any suggestions ? PC specs: GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB CPU...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to install a CPU cooler

    Hey guys. Im unable to install a CPU cooler (Cryorig H7) on my motherboard (Asrock Z370 PRO 4). Basically, the motherboard layout is very weird, and the cooler will not fit in. All the brackets are blocked by things attached to the motherboard, so im unable to screw them in without damaging the...
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    CPU and GPU barely utilizing

    16 GB RAM Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 970 750W PSU Windows 10 1080p, just updated drivers yesterday In a game like League, CPU usage is only 26% and GPU at 40% at max settings, unable to reach 144fps/hz for my monitor, usually playing borderless Then in a game like BF5, I get reasonable FPS on High, but...
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    [SOLVED] Xbox one or ps4

    I want to buy a new console but i can't decide which to buy, PS4 slim or Xbox One S. I want the ps4 because of the exclusives but the ps4 slim 500gb model is 70 euros more expensive than xbox one s 1tb with forza horizon 4. So what are your opinions on these consoles and which is better?