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  1. Rodion15

    Question What is the most hackproof parental controls for computers?

    My 18yo son has hacked into all parental controls I set on his PC, to the point of installing bootable OS drives to bypass parental controls, he also used VPNs, etc, etc. I thought a Chromebox may be the host hackproof parental controls system, and they're cheap. Am I right? Unless I can use...
  2. Rodion15

    Question Can I use parental controls on a Chromebook for adults too?

    I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook and I'd like to know if I can still user parental controls for a teen who will be soon an adult.. Does parental controls check de Date of Birth so it won't apply to older teens? Any help much appreciated.
  3. georgeRSQ

    Question Free, non-invasive parental controls

    Hello! I am setting up a laptop for the use of a whole family. It will run Windows 10 and, given that small children will be using it, I think it was reasonable for the parents to request that extreme/pornographic content be filtered out, and that usage time be limited during late night hours...
  4. R

    Need an upgrade... the other GPU was sold...

    Hey all, I was about to buy a superclocked gtx 660, however the craigslist post was already sold. So I’ve gathered some new cards, but I need your guys thoughts please on which is the Best Buy. I can afford all of them, so performance is key. Really the only game I play would be H1Z1, FORTNITE...