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  1. S

    Question Which mobo should I go with?

    I'm building my list right now and I'm currently stuck between 3 motherboards that I'm thinking of going with. Asus ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WIFI Gigabyte B650 Aorus Pro AX Gigabyte B650 Gaming X AX I'm thinking about going with one of the Gigabyte ones since the Gaming one is the cheapest but...
  2. TheSAYAIN9000

    [SOLVED] Help with compatibility on the parts I chose for my custom pc and If should swap anything out with better/cheaper parts?

    Thank you for your time and input in advance! I am new to PC gaming and want to build my first PC using the rtx 3060 ti.
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Looking for suggestions on parts

    I have a i9-9900k LGA1151, and am looking to pair it with 3060 ti or a 3090. If anyone can give me a good bang for buck parts list that doesn't go all out and suits all of my mid-maxing needs, I'd really appreciate it. I need to know the motherboard, cpu cooler, thermal paste, etc.
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Any tips on system I'm building?

    I'm in the middle of buying the parts for my new pc, and I wanted a little help to make sure I didn't made a mistake picking any of the parts. The parts are: Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Wifi (Already bought it) R5 2600X 1x 16gb 2666MHz Adata XPG Flame (I'm getting a second one a bit after...