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  1. B

    Question Windows 10 Installation Nightmare

    Hello, I really need help with this problem, please someone help. I am having a lot of trouble installing Windows 10 via boot USB using Windows 10 media creation tool. I was playing a game when I started lagging really bad so I closed the application and realised my wifi was disconnected and...
  2. Gretchcat6

    Question Pc powers on, does not display, does not connect to keyboard and mouse, and will not turn off.

    Hello, I have built many PCs before but I have never ran into a problem like this before. I am building a pc for my friend and went for a more budget approach. The first specs were Rayzen 7 2400x (led cooler) MSI B400 series motherboard Kingston 480 gb ssd Corsair cx650 EVGA 1650 ti when I...