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  1. _fishp0cket

    Question Moving dual boot partitions safely?

    So my current storage situation is a bit of a problem. My current main boot drive was originally a storage drive, that at some point I installed a very slim Windows system to in a small partition (50GB) part way through the drive and between 2 storage partitions I resized to fit it between. Poor...
  2. nofearcavalier

    [SOLVED] Neither system or boot partitions labeled as primary or active: problem?

    I clean installed Windows 10 pro to SSD. Showing three partitions: EFI System Partition Boot-Page File-Crash Dump-Basic Data Partition Recovery Partition None of these are Active or Primary, and Windows seems to be working fine. Is there a potential future problem here?
  3. Question Not able to extend or split any drive in my PC.

    I want to move 100GB from E:\ to C:\ but Minitool gives an error for every action I perform with these drives. I even tried to change E:\ to Logical drive but errors and nothing else. What's wrong with my drives and how can I fix it? Here is the screenshot.
  4. I

    Question Clone disk/partiton from HDD to SSD

    I bought a SSD (1TB) and want to get my OS to my SSD and some other stuff too example games to get a faster loading speed. I found out how i can only clone the Windows to the SSD by AOMEI Backupper Standard. But how do I choice what i want to get cloned to the SSD. My HDD is 1TB and around 30GB...
  5. cmcc05

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 How to Wipe Corrupt Install on Old Drive

    In the last few months I decided to upgrade my laptop with an NVMe SSD from a hard drive. My plan was to backup and wipe the HDD install of Windows and reinstall on the SSD while keeping the HDD for extra storage space. It all went smooth and the HDD shows as the full 500gb unallocated space on...
  6. A

    Question AOEMI Partition Assistant OS migration new drives created?

    I successfully migrated my WIN10 from a SATA SSD to a NVMe M.2 SSD using AOEMI and I'm wondering why 2 extra drives were created afterwards. A Local Disk(599 MB), and a System Reserved(499MB). Can I delete these or merge them into another partition?
  7. scbice

    Question MBR removed and cannot replace, cannot find Windows10

    I was combining two partitions on my hard drive and inadvertantly removed the MBR, or swap, or whatever it was on that 500mb partition that I thought wasn't necessary anymore. I've created a flash drive with Windows 10 on it to access the repair tools, went into CMD and used bootrec /fixmbr ...
  8. S

    Question Why is my only partition on this disk split up?

    There were previously 2 partitions on this drive but I've moved everything on the other one somewhere else and erased it, expanding the other volume step by step. Now it seems as is every time I did that, instead of enlarging the current region, it kept adding more and more regions. Does this...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 20.04 install partition

    I have recently decided to get myself familiar with Ubuntu. During the installation booted from USB , when I get to the part where I decide on which partition I want to install it I can't see the one I separated for Ubuntu. I have one 120 GB ssd with only WIN 10 on it , and a second 1 TB hdd. On...
  10. Question Cannot delete partitions that have Linux on it - tried everything expect smashing the HDD and getting a new one

    Hello ! TL;DR: I can't delete partition on which Linux is installed from Windows; the only option available when right clicking the volumes in Disk Management is Help. I don't even get a list of grayed options. I have only one option and that is Help; I have tried MiniTool ShadowMaker Free and...
  11. I

    Question Why isn't my NVMe SSD showing it's full capacity

    I've just recently got a new laptop yesterday from Best Buy, and the advertised space for this NVMe SSD is 512 GB, And in the BIOS, it does say that the max capacity of my NVMe SSD is 512 GB, but when I open file explorer or disk management, It says that my NVMe SSD only has 476 GB I Even tried...
  12. T

    Question System won't boot from new drive

    So I got a new drive for my brother to migrate his OS over to. I wanted to keep some files, so I loaded up the new drive with a usb stick to get a clean install of windows on it. I then booted the system from the new drive, and transferred all the files that I wanted to keep from the old drive...
  13. I

    Question "The size of the extent is less than the minimum"

    By exploring the partitions on my computer, I had discovered that 759.68GB of space is unused, and thus unallocated, but when I try to extend it or at least make it its own drive, it says "The size of the extent is less than the minimum" My Drives...
  14. S

    Question I can't merge HDD partitions due to "There is not enough space available on the disk" error.

    hi i want to merge two partitions of my old HDD (1TB) which is completely empty. there are two partitions like 50GB and 880 GB and i want to merge these but when i click extend on these deleted partitions on windows disk management i get an error says "there is not enough space available on the...
  15. HeadLord

    Question Dual Booting (Does files works on both operating systems i got ?)

    Hello Guys, now i have windows 7 installed on my PC and I was thinking about dual booting windows 7 and windows 10 but my question here that I got about 200GBs+ games installed (on steam) so I wanted to ask is it possible that they work on windows 10 ? while I installed them on windows 7...
  16. B

    Question Multiple vs. Single M.2 NVMe SSD

    Hi all, I plan to buy a Samsung 970 Plus 1 TB as storage drive and maybe an additional Samsung 970 Plus 240GB or 500GB for boot drive. I know SSDs do not function like HDDs. Nevertheless, I am wondering if there is any advantage to use multiple M.2 SSD (boot and storage drive separated)...
  17. R

    Question Spanning a volume to two SSDs?

    My PC is very space limited with two pretty old SSDs. I'm considering spanning a volume onto another disk using Disk Management in Windows 10 Pro, having never done it before. I'd be doing this so that I can install PC games that are larger than 100GB. Currently I can only install games of...
  18. E

    Question SSD Partitions Unable To Be Deleted

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a new M.2 SSD as an upgrade for my laptop that originally only came with a super slow 5400 RPM Hard Drive. At first i tried to clone the hard drive to the SSD, however when i went to boot off of the SSD it would not boot and would get stuck in a boot loop that...
  19. Question Can't merge partitions

    Hello, i have an HDD with 126GB Unallocated space, whenever i try to merge or even create simple volume, it says that i don't have enough space on disk(s), i have 193GB free out of the 804GB since the unallocated space is on the left i tried easeUS but it shows that the hdd is already taking the...
  20. gusnd

    [SOLVED] Can't choose drive to download games from Xbox PC game pass

    I have two drives, one is a partitioned SSD and the other is a 7200 rpm HDD. I'm unable to install any games from pc game pass on the 2nd SSD partition. I tried to change storage settings on windows with no success. Any ideas on how to fix it?