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  1. Partitionmissing

    Question Partitions disappear from time to time

    So i've ran into a weird problem which causes that 2 of my 4 partitions keep disappearing randomly sometimes after the startup and sometimes under windows 10 running. I found some posts on the forum and also one on reddit the guy on reddit has the same motherboard as me and exactly the same...
  2. G

    Question Can I safely delete a partition and zero-fill the space without affecting another partition on my old SSD?

    First off let me apologise, as I know there's a lot of questions similar to this one out there already. However, I just want to be absolutely sure in my case that I am not going to lose any data before I make this change. So I have a 500GB SSD. On this SSD I have 2 operating systems on separate...
  3. System32_76

    Question Strange 2GB Mint Partition Appears After Installation

    Hello everyone. So I used a 32GB flash drive with YUMI to put Mint and Clonezilla on it recently. When you use YUMI with a flash drive, it creates a partition labeled "MULTIBOOT,." This is normal and takes up the whole space of the drive. View: After using YUMI to...
  4. S

    Question Doing a fresh install. what to do with hard drive that has system partition on it?

    I am going to do a fresh install of windows 10 because my system partition and boot drive are on different drives. the boot drive is my SSD but my system partition is on my HDD. I am going to disconnect my HDD and only have the SSD connected when I install to stop this happening again. My...
  5. S

    Question installing second ssd. Boot and system partitions are on separate drives. Not sure how to proceed

    I have just bought a 1TB SSD that I want to set up. I am a bit out of my depth in trying to set it up with what I have already going on my PC. I tried to install the new SSD the other day into one of the 2 available sata 3.0 ports on my mobo that were taken up by my old 64gb SSD and a 1TB HDD...
  6. cynthetic

    [SOLVED] trying to upgrade a HDD with boot partition

    Windows 10 is installed on my main SATA SSD, but when I remove my old 160GB HDD to replace it with a recently wiped and repartitioned 500GB HDD, no OS is found on any of my drives. I dont know how I can make it so that my SSD is recognized as a boot device, seeing that it looks like I can only...
  7. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Cannot Find Out Correct Partition Storage Size

    Hello, I noticed a discrepancy recently regarding a partition of mine that I installed Ubuntu Studio on. According to Gparted, it shows that the partition that it's installed on reads 652.71 GB total compared to what it shows on the desktop. On the desktop for that same partition, it reads...
  8. Symb01ysm

    [SOLVED] How to find Linux partitions and remove them.

    So I have 3 storage discs, 1 Kingston 250GB SSD and 2 Seagate BarraCuda 7200rpm 2TB HHD’s. A long time ago I shrinked a lot of space from one of the HHD’s to have a system called ParrotOS as Dual-boot with Windows 10. Now the issue is... The Linux system is corrupt, so I only have Windows to...
  9. V

    [SOLVED] Clean Installation Question

    I'm currently running 2 SSD's in my system, and just recently prepared my USB flash drive for a clean installation that i've been putting off for my brand new upgrades. My one question is if i don't really care about what's on my other SSD(NON-OS) can I also simply delete all of the partitions...
  10. V

    [SOLVED] How to properly have a fresh install of Windows 10 (deleting partitions)

    Recently i've come across an idea that in order to literally commit a completely fresh install of windows is to actually download it off of a external drive and delete any hard drive/ssd partitions other than one. I would like to potentially do this soon but I want to make sure I do it...
  11. Question Bizarre partitions larger than drive capacity on my HD. Why?

    Can anyone explain what's happened to my hard drive and what I should do with it? MiniTool Partition Wizard shows Disk 3 looks like this: I can still read and probably write to the real partition of 2791.49 GB. Acronis True Image Home 2014 says it successfully wrote a backup to the drive last...
  12. P

    Question One hard drive partitioned or 3 separate ones?

    Hi, I have a question- is it better to buy one m.2 1TB PCIe drive and divide it into partitions (1 for system, 1 for photos etc and 1 for games and programs) or separately 1 SSD 120GB for system, 1 HDD 500gb for photos etc and 1 SSD 512gb for games and programs? I'm wondering if separate...
  13. Myronazz

    Question Tool to rebuild partition information

    Hello, I have a very problematic drive over here. Whenever I open it in GPARTED it gives me 'bad block checksum' errors and it keeps asking to rebuild my journal (whatever that is) but despite those errors I am still able to work with the drive in gparted and edit partitions as I please. The...
  14. ProblemIsMe

    Question Can't install any OS, problem with booting and HDD partitions

    I have a long story of problems happening on my laptop DELL LATITUDE E6410: A week ago my laptop fell from the table and one of the RAMs (I didn't know) wasn't working anymore, so I was working with 2GB RAM for a week and I felt the laptop was going slow. I thought it was like that because of...
  15. D

    Kernel Security Check Failure, 0x139

    Hello community! I have a long-lasting problem with my PC, my good old friend, the Kernel Security Check Failure, bugcheckcode 0x139. Some time ago, I didn't had it very often, the error occured sporadly. But now, this error occures very often, even when I'm playing. And I can't find a...
  16. A

    CoreTemp and Ryzen Core Frequency

    Hello! I'm stress testing a build with Ryzen 5 1600. CoreTemp only shows two cores at maximum frequency, while the others are at half. Is that normal? Pic:
  17. C

    Toshiba Satellite L15W

    A friend give me his Toshiba Satellite L15W b1302 beacause he couldn't boot into windows. I try HDD recovery and it0s not working. There were no recovery files on hdd. I try making a fresh instalation but won't boot from usb, try with secure boot, without, mbr partition, gpt partition fat32...
  18. merlin_the_fish

    help for COMPACT gaming config

    Hello everybody, I would like to get you help for a gaming config that takes minimal space. I already have the peripherals (this monitor but I have very limited space and it is likely my PC tower will...
  19. Z

    Mechanical keyboard for 90$ ?

    Right now I have 90$ to spend on a keyboard. I'm looking to get a mechanical keyboard that has MX blue switches with EU letter layout. Anyone know any good websites located in Europe ? I would order from Ebay but the customs and shipping is gonna cost me way to much. Would really appreciate all...
  20. U

    games stuttering, FPS drops

    lately my games have been stuttering a lot, especially The Division. i updated the drivers for 2,3 months with windows 10 for GTX 970. can anyone tell me why are the games stuttering ?