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  1. L

    Question Brand new Dell XPS 13 with locked BIOS

    I recently received a Dell XPS 13 here at my shop. They indicated it was not usable with a "no boot device found" error (or something similar). Apparently they first gave it to a "techie" family member to fiddle with but was returned with new cosmetic damage and the same issue. When I first...
  2. H

    Question Forgot Administrator Password, how to reinstall?

    Hello, I don't now my administrator password on xp, I want to try formating the disk to factory settings and start all over, to do this is it necessary re installation of xp with a cd? Where do I type in the product key to gain access to do the process? I don't have the original xp cd just the...
  3. R

    Question Asus Vivobook x512u UEFI password reset

    Hello, i have big problem 1 year ago IT guy reinstall windows and set UEFI admin user password now i want reinstall windows and cant acces bios with admin rights or BOOT from USB how can i reset that password without laptop disband. i search and read 3 hours in google cant find solution for this...
  4. S

    Trouble changing password.

    Hey, So i tried changing my password on "" and about a minute after clicking the "change password" link i got redirected to this happened three or four times until i finally managed to change the password before i got redirected. Has this happened to...
  5. IcoSam

    Question PC or Keyboard "posessed" and typing by its own

    Hi everybody I couldn't find a solution for it anywhere. I got a problem with my PC. Sometimes, my keyboard or rather the PC types stuff by its own. It's usually just the most used keys (like QWERASDF, TAB - keys used for gaming) but there are somehow moments, where it types in MY PASSWORDS...
  6. kingston97bg

    Question remove password, netplwiz doesnt work anymore on new version?

    Hello. Simply question how can i remove my startup password for login into my PC without netplwiz Reason > picture >
  7. D

    Question Toshiba Satellite BIOS password problem

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5300 laptop that worked fine previously, but has been stored for a few months. I never set a BIOS password for it, but when I took it out a couple of days ago, it would not boot at all without one. It doesn't make sense, but it seems something must have reset...
  8. bruhthakuga

    Question How to Secure Erase an EVO850 with a Password

    How do I Secure Erase an EVO 850 with a password. I don't want to break Tom's password rules and circumvent the password to get to someone's data, I want to reuse "MY" ssd that I set a password on with a keyboard that has a bad shift key only to be locked out immediately after setting the...
  9. N

    Question Laptop wont boot. .

    Hi! I was trying to help a friend reset the bios password on his Lenovo L460 thinkpad. So first i tried to remove the cmos battery, it didnt work. So i figured i had to reset the bios chip by shorting it out. and so i did.. but now the computer wont turn on.. the power button and the "fn" button...
  10. G

    Question Samsung Note 8 from Sprint Locked Screen (NO Google/Samsung account, stock software)

    A customer of mine has a Samsung Note 8 from Sprint that has a screen lock. Apparently, the customer has never had a password or security of any type (fingerprint, pattern, etc) on the device, and they have no idea how it got on there. I had them call Samsung/Google/etc to try and resolve the...
  11. Zii

    Question Removing CMOS battery is not resetting BIOS.

    Got an HP laptop (HP ENVY m6-aq100 x360) that for stupid reasons, now has a BIOS password lock. Can't get in. Can't use F9 to boot through any other methods as the BIOS password is required in order to do anything. Tried some "master password" generator tools online, but none of them work for...
  12. M

    Question Help need the password

    Hi guys I have a custom pc my dads mate gived to me cause he was old he didn’t know how to use it cause he’s nephew owned it but he went to jail and he said I could have it instead of throwing it out so he gived it to me but I already own a Alienware laptop but the desktop has a password and I...
  13. [SOLVED] Is this a backdoor account in zte router ?

    i found these when i opened the router config file using router pass view tool from nirsoft. I can login using the username admin and the blurred password(my password). But i can't login using these although the enable value = 1 the only difference i see is the app ID What would that...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] Laptop BIOS Only Boots From CD/USB In Legacy Mode - How To Boot From USB With Legacy Disabled?

    Hey, So, I'm trying to recover a Windows 10 account password for a family friend that has forgotten the password on a HP pavilion laptop. The laptop boot loader is only allowing me to select a bootable USB or CD as the boot option, if legacy mode is enabled within the bios. If legacy mode is...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] SSID & Password changed

    Hello everyone, my computer won't connect after SSID & password changed. Please help me with ISP username and password. I tried the settings given to me by the internet guy. it doesn't work Trying to figure out from last night. When click on network and sharing set up a new connection. broadband...
  16. M

    Question password character specifications

    i have been trying to create a password and it's telling me that i need a special character and an alpha character in my password, what's the difference? I looked up what the difference is and i get the same results.
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 PIN Setup, Cannot Log In - Can Log In Via Microsoft Account

    I recently got my laptop back after having the motherboard replaced. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. When I went to log in, it says that the PIN needs to be set up again. I then click "Set Up PIN" and it asks me to log in using my username and password. Now, I know my password for my...
  18. B

    Question Hard drive password bypass

    Hi, i've tried to completely format my ASUS Laptop, but something happened and it got stuck. A few moments later I decided that I would turn it off and everything will be alright, but when I turned it on, there was a HDD password. I hope you can help me! :)
  19. S

    Question Microsoft account password change

    If i change my microsoft account password thats linked to windows 10 what happens to the sign in password? is it the old or i have to press the new password as long as my pc opens without the need to press the password.
  20. JeckeL

    Question Password Protected PDFs???

    We receive a lot of password protected HIPAA-compliant documents in PDF format and I was wondering what versions of reader/acrobat/etc have the ability to remove passwords/security features? Most of our end users just have adobe reader installed on their machines and while they can enter the...