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  1. B

    Emails coming in late (delayed emails)

    Hello! We experienced a problem on the Chief-Operating-Officer's desktop outlook. More than Emails came in late. Our IT Manager said: I just want to ask if these are the possible causes. Thanks and Best Regards Bob
  2. tater5761

    Will a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO fit in the Rosewill FBM-01.

    I have an apu system built using this case and I wish to overclock. The stock cooler is far from sufficient.
  3. V

    Upgrading my Memory.

    Can I uprade my HP Pavilion DV5220us with 2gb DDR3 RAM? HEre's my specs. Intel T something - 1.60GHZ. RAM 0.99gb Windows XP media center edition.
  4. M

    Z87X-D3H Memory overclocking

    Hello, I'm overclocking my RAM with Z87X-D3H mobo. I can change the XMP profile, however I cannot find anywhere the "Profile VTT Voltage" setting, as if it is were hidden. If anyone knows how to reveal it, I would be grateful. Thanks.
  5. J

    corsair h70 liquid cooler

    i have a stock cooler for my cpu amd fx6300 and it is crap. i want to switch to a new one. the problem is will it worth to buy a $100 liquid cooling system corsair h70 or a normal heat sink will suffice?