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  1. K

    Question PC in restart loop after CPU re-paste ?

    Hey guys! I changed paste on my i7 cpu, I didn’t take it out during the process. After I tryed to start PC it keeps restarting after 1-3sec. I read many topics about the same problem and I tested some things like taking out the small battery for 5min then put it back. Then I played with the...
  2. F

    Question MSI GF63 8RC won't boot ?

    Hi, i had recently issues with my MSI GF63 8RC laptop as it was overheating and then turns off the game i am playing or when running gpu benchmark. I opened it and cleaned the fan , removed the heatsink and applied new thermal paste and new thermal pads When i turned it on after that I fired...
  3. J

    Question Which Thermal Paste to use?

    I am looking into buying the MSI Meg Trident X 10TE-1281US. I messaged MSI and they said they use their our "house-mix" thermal paste. I am looking to buy this pc from . This site will do upgrades and thermal paste is one of them. The two options are, " IC DIAMOND THERMAL...
  4. Veinxon

    [SOLVED] Overheating problem, opened the laptop and saw my thermal paste, should i replace it?

    Here's the photo: View: The title says all, should i replace my thermal paste and hope that my laptop doesn't overheat again? I don't see many dusts or similar that could potentially cause ovearheating inside the laptop itself, just found that my thermal paste...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] MasterGel Maker Nano or MX-4????

    Can somebody who already test (not somebody who watch reviews like me) this two thermal paste's, can give me advice which one is better for Arctic freezer e-sport 34 duo (air cooler)? Thanks XD
  6. Potato825

    [SOLVED] Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE Stock Thermal Paste VS Arctic MX-4

    Just got the Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE, and I don't know how good the stock thermal paste it. I have left over Arctic MX-4 from my last build should I use that or just leave the stock thermal paste on the cooler?
  7. A

    [SOLVED] HELP Can CPU cleaner damage the CPU pins?

    So I did the stupid thing of taking my cpu out to clean the paste off using ArticCleans paste remover and I got some on the pins. Will this damage the cpu? View: Https://
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Motherboard

    Do you have to remove cpu fan on motherboard when swapping case , I dont want to dry thermal paste off cause I dont have anymore and it takes like a week to ship
  9. Emma92

    Question Removed "thermal band" from M.2 NVMe SSD on motherboard. Too bad?

    My motherboard, a ROG Z390F, came with a kind of thermal pad on the metal cover of the M.2 NVMe, you can see it on this video at min 2:40. View: Instead of removing the film protector in order to use it....I removed the whole thing...yes, it...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] IC Diamond Paste amount

    Is this enough or did I use too much thermal paste on my laptop? View:
  11. gear999

    Question i7 4770 overheating on stock cooler

    Hey all, I haven't been here for a while. I recently purchased my friend's old i7 4770 (non-K) off of him to pop in my PC just as a small update. I installed it tonight with the stock cooler (don't have any other ones) and I just hit 99c while playing Apex Legends for a duration of 5 minutes...
  12. S

    Question I had to reinstall cpu cooler

    Hello, everyone I'm new to pc building. Today i built my first pc and i'm really excited about it. I haven't installed windows yet, but i checked the bios and everything looks ok. The problem is that i had to unscrew and remove the wraith stealth cooler with the pre-applied thermal paste right...
  13. O

    Question renew paste on several years old cpu?

    Should you renew paste on several years old unused mainboard? Thank you.
  14. B

    windows 7 shuts down when I hit restart

    windows 7 shuts down when I hit restart. It works fine and starts up fine when I hit the start button. Problem is when I hit restart after any installation it just shuts down. Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310WH
  15. D

    Nvidea driver keeps messing up. Changing resolution and not showing 4k.

    This is getting on my nerves. I have 4k resolution set. When I turn on my computer it goes to 1080p 30hz and no 4k resolutions on the panel. Installing fresh drivers fixes it but comes back once in a wile. Also the control panel doesn't show up on the taskbar. I used to fix it with a youtube fix...
  16. L

    How long can i future proof my set up?

    Building new pc specs as follows Asrock z77 extreme4 mobo Core i5 3570k oc'd to 4.4ghz Evga gtx 1070 ftw gpu 16gb 1666 ddr3 ram Seasonic prime 650w gold Mushkin 128gb ssd Cryorig r1 cpu air cooler and maintaining temps around 78 to 80 at full load. Only plan to use 1080p monitor for the next...
  17. C

    System won't post, help needed.

    First i should say that english is not my native language so it may be broken. I already did all of this steps My config is: B250m-plus Asus Mobo i7700k 2x8gb ddr4 2400 hiperx Gtx 1060 6gb galax Corsair...
  18. X

    Game installation is slow

    2 weeks ago I Installed Battlefield 3 it took about 45 mins but then I deleted it for some reasons and then I tried to install it again but it takes 4hours
  19. J

    Case fans sometimes not working

    Hi, My case fans doesn't work sometimes. When I startup my computer, they do not go on. Case: Sharkoon VG4-W Motherboard: Asrock 960GM-VGS3 FX I can control my case fans in the BIOS. Someone knows why? -Edit- I forgot to say, when the computer start up and the case fans does not work, they...
  20. B

    i have a notebook that cant find drivers it scans for them but doesnt find them . i put in a windows 7 cd and it still says it

    notebook wont find drivers . I put in a windows 7 disc and it still say it cant find drivers