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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Ping fluctuations in online game when connected to Wi-Fi. Fluctuation is gone when connected through phones USB tethering, phone is connected to wifi

    I am getting ping spikes in games when connected to router via laptops inbuilt Wi-Fi but when I connect laptop to a phone via USB tethering the fluctuations are gone. The phone is connected to same router through phones Wi-Fi. I don't get ping spikes through ethernet either. The fluctuations...
  2. robuxtips

    What laptop should i get

    Which laptop should i choose HP Pavilion 15(ryzen 7 4800h , 1650 , 16gb ram,144HZ) Or HP Pavilion 16 (i5-10300H , 1660ti (MAX Q) 16gb ram , 144HZ)
  3. S

    Question New laptop. Constanly hearing fan noise

    Hey guys, I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-cs0085cl. I constantly hear fan noise and I find it strange and a little annoying. I have a warranty so I can return it if I want. My question is that is it normal for some laptops to have constant fan noise? Is there a way I can permanently reduce...
  4. P

    Question Need help deciding laptop to buy.

    I'm from India and thinking about buying a laptop, I've shortlisted two laptops, the OMEN by HP 15-dc1093tx and the HP Gaming Pavilion - 15-dk0050tx. They have almost the same specs, the pavilion costs about 3000Rs(about 45$) more but the pavilion has a 144hz display, whereas the Omen has a 60...
  5. G

    GPU Clocks are suddenly dropping.

    I overclocked my GTX 1060 earlier today, and I was doing some benchmarks. The overlay was the EVGA Precision X OC overlay which I prefer over MSI Afterburner since its easier to read. I tested in Unigine Valley, and I don't know if I noticed that the clocks dropped since I was overclocking at...