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  1. Ragoubi57

    Question How do i change my mouse dpi?

    I just bought a spirit of gamer ELITE-MK30 keyboard + mouse pack and i want to customize my mouse dpi but the mouse buttons arent doing anything and i cant find any software for the specific mouse in spirit of gamer's website. Anyone can help me change that?
  2. J

    Question How do I fix my pc?

    I tried building a pc and was successful for the first week. I was running elementary os and tried to instal a WiFi adapter. I changed some settings and today I tried turning on my pc, it turned on but I get no video output. I’ve tried everything including changing ram, cmos, etc. I don’t know...
  3. Bmanny

    [SOLVED] Pc building

    Hi guys, I want to build my own first pc, price wise im looking to stay between 1000 and 2000 canadian. The physical appearance should be simple no blinking and rgb etc, preferably black. I want it to be as powerfull and fast as a pc undern 2000 can be. Who can help me out or guide me in the...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] New pc

    Well in about 2 months im gonna change my pc and due to poor market state in my country i was thinking i should go with this specific build: Motherboard:MSI B450 Mortar Max CPU:Ryzen 5 1600 AF(Im going for AF right now cause im on budget,and in my country i think its the best cpu for 150$ right...
  5. 0CyberDyke0

    [SOLVED] [solved] BSODs

    OKAY SO I literally made this account because my partner's been wrestling with a bsod loop all morning. For context, this PC is a beefy little thing, The sort of PC this thing is is as follows: An HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790 -0XXX which includes 32GB of RAM an Intel Core i7-9700 CPU @...
  6. Laniboy1010

    [SOLVED] I need help!!!

    What is the best way to cut corners on my gaming pc build. I want to keep the price under 980 euros, but I don't know if I can make my build cheaper. If so, how should I do it or should I leave the build how it is. I want at least 144fps at medium/high settings in most games (not games where...