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pc acting weird

Forum discussion tagged with pc acting weird.
  1. jorgie.melo

    Question "Please power down and connect the pci-e power cable"

    I have an asus gtx 1060 that i've been using for a couple of days when suddenly it turns off. when i turn it on the message is on display. i try reseat the gpu and use the other connector from the psu but nothing happened but when i remove the connector in the gpu i will get a display and it...
  2. G

    Question I need help with my new custom built PC

    I just finished building my custom PC so I turned it on and it was working completely fine (from what i could tell). It said that i could hit esc, del, or some of the f keys. I hit F1 and it showed me the specs and how it was running and some other stuff. I'm pretty sure that I need a bios...
  3. A

    Question My PC is underperforming.

    So I recently bought a custom built PC. The thing is, it always have a problem with its performance. The speed of read and write of the SSD is only about 100MB/s. It's already firmware upgraded out of the box. I tried to refresh but it almost took 2 seconds to flash the desktop icons. My friend...