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  1. T

    Question PC boots up but not to Windows or BIOS, and occasionally crashes ?

    Hello, my girlfriends been having issues with booting up her pc. Sometimes it will boot to bios but very inconsistent. From what I know... The psu is providing power to stuff and leds and fans are all starting up on boot but the pc wont boot to bios or login. The Dram red light goes on then...
  2. S

    Question Windows sometimes makes time to boot up

    Hello,i have built a new computer for no more than 2 months now its pretty high end, ryzen 7 3700x rtx 2070 super etc... so sometimes when i boot my pc windows has a blank black screen with the loading circle and takes about 10-15 seconds to leave from that screen and actually take me to the...
  3. Dariusm20

    Question Just built a new gaming pc and my pc won’t boot windows 10 from usb

    I have windows installed on my usb and when I try to boot it on my pc through bios, I get a black screen with a blinking underscore.