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  1. Takaragomy

    [SOLVED] I am helping my friend build her first PC, will not post. Need help to diagnose the issue.

    I have built roughly a dozen PCs over the last few years, but this is only the 2nd AMD PC, and I do not have any spare AMD Processors/Motherboards that I can test out those parts with. I assembled the PC, and double checked all connections. I have not plugged in case fans or RGB yet because the...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Stuck on i7-4770k with a 1080ti. Should I upgrade to intel again or AMD?

    I’m still using the old 22nm stock i7-4770k paired with a 1080ti which I’m pretty sure is holding me back. I definitely want to upgrade everything in my system except for maybe the gpu, but should I now upgrade to the new intel 10th gen, or wait for the AMD 4000 series in the fall? I also could...
  3. ItsNeilHere

    [SOLVED] Help deciding between two gaming/streaming systems

    I have a PC budget of around INR 38000. I want to build a PC for Gaming/Streaming games like PUBG , GTA-V , etc. I am stuck between 2 different builds , plz help me out! 1st build (Intel Based) i3-9100f ASRock H310CM-DVS GSkill Ripjaws (2666mhz) 8gb×2 Aorus RX570 Seagate Barracuda 1tb WD 240gb...
  4. S

    Upgraded to a GTX 960, feel no difference.

    I was using a GTX 560 for almost 3 years and decided to upgrade to a better card which was the GTX 960. However, I feel absolutely no difference regarding FPS and performance.... I'm getting just about the same FPS in games that I did with my old card I just feel like I wasted money for no...