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  1. B

    Question Old Dell optiplex gx280 upgrade

    I am building/fixing my first pc ever and it is a very old dell optiplex gx280. I have relatively good knowledge of pc building from countless hours of videos. I know I need a new psu and thermal paste and maybe some more ram. Does anyone have links to parts that would fit into the system...
  2. D

    Question dram led

    hey all, my pc hardware is here https://pcpartpicker.com/list/8rRdd9 kind of the case i had originally was the nzxt h510, i had some big noctua cpu radiator and fan, and OLOy ddr4 ram. everything worked perfectly fine. i purchased the lian li case, nzxt kraken x73, and corsair ram and tried...
  3. CParsons

    Discussion PC Builders - How did you obtain a copy of Windows?

    As you may know, Microsoft punishes PC builders by expecting them to pay $120+ for a retail copy of Windows. For your last Windows PC build (assuming you built), how did you obtain a copy of Windows?
  4. ImPrettyIrish

    [SOLVED] Trying to replaced HDD with SSD and no boot device

    Hello, I am trying to remove a hard drive and replace it with an SSD and for some reason windows will not boot after doing so. Windows is installed on my M.2 SSD but I have no idea why it would need the hard drive in order to boot. Also when in bios, it will not boot to windows unless if you...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] What are my upgrade options from an i7-8700k?

    Upgrade Solutions for CPU/cooler/Mobo/PSU Hello everyone, I was inquiring about upgrading some parts and whether it would be worth it this time or if I should wait until the next round of CPUs come out. My current build: CPU: i7-8700k(slight overclock to 5ghz) cooler: corsair h100i v2 Mobo...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Reasons why my PC makes noise?

    So, my PC makes a considerable amount of noise and I can think of a few reasons why, but since I’m still a rookie to all the PC building stuff, I would like to ask for help from more experienced people. 1. The PC case I have right now is the Aerocool Cylon RGB Mid Tower, and I’ve heard the...
  7. Arbër1041

    [SOLVED] PSU experts I need your help!!

    I was wondering if I could use a PICO PSU for my Motherboard's miscellanious(24pin connector) components(fans,HDD,north bridge, ram etc) but for my GPU and CPU an external PSU!? Is the pico PSU going to interfere with my plan to connect the CPU and GPU from a different PSU (external)!! My...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Having a bit of an issue with my first built PC

    Hey guys, I thought I almost had a PC build and at a good point to start doing more like the Bios, but for there are issues with it. The motherboard (which is a ROG Strix 550-F (Wifi) Gaming) seems to light up with means everything is plugged in as they should, but the fans don't turn on, and...
  9. AmeedMv

    Question Need Advice on Motherboard Selection

    Hey guys. So after spending a week on fine tuning this parts list, I've finally decided to ask for help again. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ameedmv/saved/#view=mD6Jyc All of the components are geared towards most bang for the buck without a GPU. I just have one little problem. I do not know...
  10. Noob-Geek

    [SOLVED] PC won't start

    Hi, I have built several systems but this one is really strange. My pc will not start. so I troubleshooted and couldn't identify the problem. When I insert the G3930 cpu the system won't post, so I placed I5 9400f in the same system to see if it would start and it did. I then placed the G3930...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] I put my PC(in its case) with all the components on my bed for about 2 min is there anyway my PC could be damaged from static electricity?

    Hey there first time builder! I was just wondering if when I put my PC(in its case) with all the components on my bed for about 2 min is there anyway my PC could be damaged from static electricity? Sorry if it's a dumb question this has been my first build any answer would be appreciated :-D
  12. T

    Question My newly built PC won't turn on

    I'm still a newbie when it comes to building pc, and I just built my first pc. I use a Ryzen 3 3100 using MSI B450M Pro-VDH Max motherboard, HyperX Fury 8GB (2x4) RAM, Corsair CV450 PSU, RX 550 4GB, Adata SSD 120GB, and Seagate Barracuda 1TB. When I first turn on my pc, all the fans are working...
  13. I

    [SOLVED] Building first PC (multitasking, programming, gaming)

    Hi everyone! After many years of owning a laptop, I finally decided to build a pc. As it is my first experience, please bare with me. I'd like to build a pc that will make it easy to program (Python), game (CS, GTA, Witcher 3) with high/ultra settings @1080 or @1440 and 60+ FPS, work with huge...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] Power supply needed for 10900k + 3080 (ti/super)

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 10900k and a RTX 3080, maybe 3080 ti / super. I will use a 360mm aio liquid cooler for the cpu (Fractal design s36), Asus Z490-E motherboard, 2 x M.2 SSD's 500 GB, 32 GB ram 3600mhz, and 3 fans in the computer case. I'll do a litte overclocking on the cpu, and...
  15. Liquidxlucidity

    Question Connecting multiple RGB fans

    Alright guys some I just got a new case, fractal design meshify-c. I have the Asus Strix B550-f backordered. I currently have a Cooler Master ML240L AIO on my 3600. I plan on replacing the fans on the AIO and filling my case with the same brand RGB fans. But I'm a little confused on how I should...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Screws dropped on motherboard many times

    I know this question had been asked already here, but while reinstalling an aftermarket CPU cooler i dropped the screw like 10 times! I also don't know why. Maybe because i installed it incorrectly without plastic under heatsink and that caused me having an anxiety attack + my stupid shaky...
  17. R

    Question Help Me With My First Custom PC Build (I3 9100F & GTX 1650 Super) !

    Hi Everyone, I just build a PC for gaming purpose with the following specs: Intel Core i3-9100F CUBE GAMING ELTRON Enermax MaxPro II 500W 80+ White Windows 10 Home TP-Link 150 Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter - TL-WN781ND GEIL DDR4 EVO POTENZA PC21330 2666MHz Dual Channel 16GB (2x8GB)...
  18. L

    Question Monitor of first build shows no signal, please help!

    Hello guys, I am building my first PC and have been running into some serious trouble. I am honestly getting desperate as everything I tried is not working. I continue getting "no signal" on my monitor. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am starting to get desperate. here is my build...
  19. Krilx

    [SOLVED] Is it ok to stand on carpet while building my PC on a wooden table?

    Sooo...I'm about to build my very first gaming/streaming PC ina few months and I heard about the carpet and PC's don't mix well thing so I was wondering. Is it ok to build my PC on a wooden desk while standing on carpet? the floor of my house is carpet and the only place that has tiles in my...
  20. marsalsavo

    [SOLVED] What can I do to get out of this checkmate position?

    5 years ago I bought FM2 motherboard with x4 860k, it was alright then but x4 860k is the best CPU for FM2, with a budget of 100-200$ how can i get a new MoBo and CPU that will be a substantial upgrade?
  21. Pieter Crauwels

    [SOLVED] I am going to build my first pc ever next week can i ask you guys some questions?

    So it is my first time building a pc and i have some questions. I have watched a lot of youtube videos and i think i know a little bit about building a pc and picking the parts already. I used PCpartpicker.com to see if the parts i chose are compatible, finally i have finished deciding what...
  22. G

    Question I have to turn my PSU on and off before booting my pc

    I recently bought a new case for my system and had to put my system into the new case. The pc booted up as normal the first time i tried to turn it on, but when i tried to turn it on a secó d time i had to turn the psu off and wait for 5 seconds before turning it on, and then it worked to boot...
  23. P

    [SOLVED] Need help building picking parts for my first PC.

    Hello, i am looking to build a gaming PC by the end of the year, my budget is 1000$. I am new to building, so I would appreciate any help :). I already have case and PSU from my friend who bought them for me(they are not used). PSU...
  24. V

    Question Fixing to build A PC need advice

    So I have my final pc piece coming monday which is my gpu. I have everything else at home ready to be built. Ive never actually built a computer and waited on a part so my question to yall is, is it safe to build it all the way to a point then install the gpu and fire up monday? Concerns are...
  25. T

    Question Why is my PC power cycling?

    I’ve bought the parts and assembled my 2nd gaming pc, (1st I’ve built, the other was prebuilt). But the PC is power cycling, and turning on for only a second and then turning off. CPU, GPU, and Power supply fans all start and stop at that time. The red LEDs on the motherboard labeled CPU and...
  26. J

    Question When i boot my pc it sometimes doesn't give input and vga LED is lit

    I have recently build my first pc and when i tried to turn it on it my monitor said no signal. When i tried again a few minutes later it did boot up normally. It isn't a major problem, but having to reset my pc 2-3 times every time i want to use it gets annoying quickly. I did notice that the...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Any recomendations for extreme budget gaming?

    Hi I am looking for a very budget system for cheap for basic gaming, The most intensive game i want to play is CS:GO at minimum 30fps My current system specs are: Intel core 2 duo e8500 3.16ghz Geforce GT 710 2gb AsRock Wolfdale GLAN/m2 4gb ram Managed to get it for £22 any and all answers...
  28. Z

    Question Should I upgrade my current PC or buy a new one?

    Moderator message: Please do not cross-post in future 🔺 I bought my PC about 3 and a half years ago, I didn't know much about gaming computers back then and bought a pretty bad one. I upgraded my graphics card from a gtx 950 to a gtx 1060 6gb back in december of 2017. My other specs are the...
  29. Z

    [SOLVED] Should I upgrade my current PC or buy a new one?

    Moderator message: Please do not cross-post in future 🔺 I bought my PC about 3 and a half years ago, I didn't know much about gaming computers back then and bought a pretty bad one. I upgraded my graphics card from a gtx 950 to a gtx 1060 6gb back in december of 2017. My other specs are the...
  30. K

    [SOLVED] What are the better options for my pc build?

    Hey guys i would like some help with upgrading my pc.I think i have already chosen my mobo and ram which are Gigabyte Z370P D3 (rev. 1.0) and Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-3200MHz.But i cant decide my gpu or cpu im thinking of i7 8700 or i7 9700 for cpu but i cant decide which one is more...
  31. Lucas Farleigh

    Question New Build - Nothing Working!

    Hi, I have had a pc for 5 years now, and decided to upgrade due to my computer becoming outdated. The things I am keeping from my old pc is my HDD, PSU(500w), and my Nvidia 1060 3GB. I am adding an intel i5 9600, Sandisk SSD 500gb, 8gb ddr4 hyperx ram, a new case with several fans and an asus...
  32. A

    Question Got a challenge. Building a PC for a friends little brother.

    The kids only a middle schooler so you don't have to go bananas. However, I wanted to apply some rules for a guaranteed significant gain over his older system with a GT 640 and Pentium G2030, 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM and a 250GB HD. I want him to get the best bang for his buck. Rules Operating...
  33. B

    Question Help me build my PC PLEASE!!!

    Hi guys! I'm planning to build a pc for game streaming/editing, let's play content purpose. In a budget of around 70000inr. Please use amazon.in and recommend the parts. I'm new to this and people I ask confuse me a lot with rtx,gtx,ryzen,intel,ram clock speed, motherboard etc. Kindly help me...
  34. G

    Question Please help

    Hello I've built a new pc and it just doesn't send image to the TV can anybody help? I've tried different hdmi cables, changing ram and gpu of place redoing everything but nothing worked I have. B450 tomhawk Ryzen5 2600x RTX 2060 dual advanced Cooler Master lite 600 power supply 2x 8g dd4...
  35. H

    Question I need help with choosing the right pc parts

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong subject but I didn’t know which to put it in. Hey, I'm extremely new to pc hardware and stuff and I'm trying to get into building pcs and I was wondering if this build was compatible, suitable for gaming or even if I could change some of the parts to a better...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] Will that set up be ok?

    Intel Core i5-9400F Asus GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Expedition OC Asrock B365 Phantom Gaming 4 G.Skill Aegis 8GB DDR4-3000MHz Samsung 860 Evo 500GB Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W It's my first time building a gaming PC, any advice will be appreciated
  37. R

    Hello, looking to upgrade my PC, share your opinions!

    This is my current build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/m4qhpb I built this with the potential to upgrade in mind. I was hoping to upgrade to a i7-8700k and a 1070/ti in the near future, now two years have passed and and I'm thinking a that combination is slightly outdated. My goal is to...
  38. T

    Question Will an h7 Cryorig be enough to cool my cpu for this build?

    Hey, I’m going to be running a AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, RTX 2060, 16 gb RAM, and 518 SSD all in a NZXT h500i case. Going to be playing and streaming overwatch mostly. Will I be ok with a H7 Cryorig cooling the CPU, and will I need a GPU cooler?
  39. FaithOnHuman

    Question New PC built suggestion

    Hey there! I am building a new pc, kinda :rolleyes: To be more specific I'm trying to build a budget pc using parts from current pc build (PSU, fans, case, SSD, HDD etc.) The only new parts will be: Graphics Card, Processor motherboard and RAM. I will use this build for after effects and motion...
  40. C

    Question Is this aftermarket cooler better than this stock cooler?

    I am going to buy a ryzen 5 2400g, but I don't know if I should use the aftermarket cooler that came with my case is better than wraith stealth. The cpu cooler that came with my case is the Deepcool Gamaxx GT RGB Air Cooler. If anyone is wondering my case is the Deepcool Matrexx 55