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  1. Rose Yui

    Question Help me pick a CPU

    Hello, I am Yui and I play competitive overwatch and apex legends ..... I expect my pc to be at a max performance at 1080p. I have done some research and I asked for suggestions from other players and made a list. I need a CPU and Motherboard Currently, I own a gtx1070 and I am planning to...
  2. H

    Acer Laptop Intermittant Recharger Connection

    I have to wiggle the charger connector in the laptop charge port to make a connection. This problem is slowly getting worse. Can this be repaired/adjusted or does the connector have to be replaced? Hal
  3. M

    Asus mini itx motherboard bios reset

    So, I need help fast as I am building a mini itx system very very soon. I ordered a used Asus P8H61-I LX R2.0 When I did a test boot to make sure it worked it booted fine, but the splash screen said RM, which I believe is a company of computers that schools use, then it had like some sort of...