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    What monitors should I use for a triple monitor setup?

    Hi guys, So I have just finished my first PC build that I have been saving up for over the last few months to put together and want to go triple monitor for gaming and general use, only problem im facing is what monitors I should be going for and that aren't overly expensive, around £200 or less...
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    AMD 860k bottlenecking gtx 960 sli

    Will my amd 860k bottleneck 2 gtx 960's? If so what would be a good cpu upgrade?
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    what graphic card will work with my motherboard ?

    hi all, actually firend of mine asked me to post this here, since I wasn't sure my answer. his motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.pl/products/page/mb/ga-8i945p-g/specs/ question1: will it work with newer (than his motherboard - it is nealry 6 years old) graphic cards (for ex. gtx 9800) ...
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    How will my build perform? (First Time)

    Looking to play games like DayZ, H1Z1, CSGO, Battlefield. What do you think of the build? Getting the parts soon. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kNqyRB
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    Need help choosing a headset and mouse

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a good headset and mouse for cs:go. My first question is which brand should is choose? Which one for the headset and which one for the mouse? I can't choose between Corsair and Steelseries. I like corsair because of it's quality, but steelseries is used by so many pro...
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    Sony's PS4 Has Allegedly Sold 8 Million Units

    Insiderp, the source that leaked the fact that the PS4 had sold 7 million units in March, is now reporting that the PS4 has sold 8 million units as of mid-May. Sony's PS4 Has Allegedly Sold 8 Million Units : Read more
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    i5-3330 3.0GHz to 3.4GHz

    Hi I want to increase the clockspeed of my i5-3330.I want it to go 3.4GHz or 3.6GHz, I've read that its possible. BUT will it work on my ECS H61H2-MV motherboard? and will I get safe temps using a stock HSF?