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  1. L

    Question New Gaming PC Parts

    Hello. I am trying to build a new PC and this is my first one. I am searching as much as I can to find the best parts at my budget. I can spend around 1300-1400 euros without buying a GPU. I will purchase one in the next months. So, the parts are the following: CASE: Lian Li Lancool II Mesh...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] I cannot figure out if this pc build will work

    i dont really want to go through the trouble of my pc parts being imcompatible, and re-ordering them continuously, so im wondering if these are compatible.. Here Are The Parts Listed Below: GPU: Rtx 2080 ti CPU: intel i9 9900k MOBO :gigabyte z390 atx lga1151 RAM: Corsair vengeance 64gb pro...
  3. apcs13

    Best Gaming Keyboard(s)?

    Hi everyone, During the winter season, I built my first gaming PC, and although it had a lot of issues, I've gotten them all worked out within the past few months and have really enjoyed using my PC. However, being my first desktop in almost 10 years and my first ever dedicated gaming PC plus...