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  1. aoguz

    Question My CPU liquid cooler pump wasnt working but started to work for no reason?

    My liquid cooler pump wasnt working for almost 1 and a half year but i didnt care i had an important exam but a week ago when i turned my pc on i heard a strange noise and found out that its the liquid cooler pump working.
  2. J

    Question FPS question

    I am planning on building a PC with an intel i7-10700K CPU, and GeForce 3060 TI Graphics card in it. I need to know the FPS that I would get on low and high settings on 1080o and 1440p? Thanks.
  3. R

    Question Hey

    I was just wondering if this motherboard Gigabyte B460M AORUS PRO Socket 1200, mATX Work with i5-10400F? Thx :)
  4. Schereizer

    Question Can a grounded pc makes its parts grounded as well?

    I have a pc that will shock you a little whenever you touch its metal part case, and im planning to make use some of its parts(ssd and hdd) to my new built one. So im wondering if it is safe to do so? Will my new system unit be affected if i use components that came from grounded pc...
  5. JoelHimes

    Question Why wont my pc fans spin?

    I recently made a pc, I haven't put the m.2 drive in yet, or the gpu, but when I power it on the case light turned on, but neither of the fans will spin. Is this just due to the fact I haven't installed the m.2 or gpu, or that something is wrong with my pc?
  6. Boofacekillah

    Question Upgrade help

    Hey all I’m just looking for some solid advice here. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-gaming-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-1400-8gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-580-1tb-hard-drive-black/5833100.p?skuId=5833100 This link is to my current model and specs. What I’m looking for is advice for...
  7. X

    Question PC buils help

    Hello! I am trying to build PC beacose my old one prebuild broke so these are the parts: (Sorry for my bad eng.) I what to stream : Ryzen 7 2700x Asus rog b450-f Msi gtx 1660S Nzxt h510i 16gb ram Xpg (rgb one xd) 480gb ssd - 2x Corsair 650W modular Any better sugestions now i have 340€ i...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Opinion on my PC parts list for Development and Gaming.

    Looking forward to build a PC at the end of this month and have been choosing out parts to assemble. I have finalised the below parts and need your help in reviews and suggestions. I'll be using this PC for Work AND Gaming. Will this be good enough to run heavy softwares for animation, coding...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Does computer with intel F series cpu displays anything without graphics card ?

    If we use a intel i5 9400F and didn't connect any graphics card and use the on board HDMI/VGA port, will it display anything or it just requires a graphics card even for displaying normal OS also?
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Can I add another another 4GB RAM in H110M CS motherboard.

    I have a H110M - CS motherboard. I currently have 4GB DDR4 RAM. Can I add other 4GB RAM. I only have 2 RAM slots. Don't know if it will work. I know It should be of same frequency, voltage etc. But still can I?
  11. O

    [SOLVED] Which PC to buy? PLEASE HELP!

    1st PC CPU- Ryzen 7 3700X GPU- GTX 1080 RAM-16GB DDR4 3200 PSU Deepcool 550W SSD Corsair MP600 500GB Motherboard-Gigabyte x570 Gaming X Case-Masterbox Q500L 2nd-1150€ CPU-Ryzen 9 3900X GPU-GTX 1080 RAM-32GB 3200 DDR4 RGB PSU-Gigabyte G750H SSD-Corsair MP600 1TB Motherboard-Gigabyte x570...
  12. O

    [SOLVED] What can i upgrade on my PC.

    Cpu-Ryzen 9 3900x Motherboard-Gigabyte x570 Gaming x PSU-Gigabyte G750H RAM-32GB 3200 DDR4 RGB GPU-Geforce GTX 1080 SSD-Corsair MP600 1TB
  13. C

    Question PC UPGRADE 2020

    Hello everyone, I am currently thinking on upgrading my gaming PC which i...
  14. WarXMachine3

    Question I wanted to know if my New Processor is fine..???

    Faulty VRM or a Shorted VRM can it kill the CPU if the Motherboard shows no signs when Trying to turn on the PC..?? Mobo - Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 Processor - i5 8400 PSU - VS450
  15. WarXMachine3

    [SOLVED] Damaged Motherboard or Processor..???

    Yeah, This Begins when I was just try to run my PC like rest of the days, This time when I push the Power Button my PC started but the Motherboard wasn't detecting the CPU, I gave it to the Service Center they got my Motherboard Fixed, Everything was working fine for few days but one day I tried...
  16. K

    [SOLVED] First build help: Motherboard blinking and no signal on monitor

    I have just finished building my first pc. When i turn the pc on, fans start spinning, GPU indicates that it's receiving power etc. but the motherboard's orange light is sort of blinking with a breathing effect and the monitor has no signal. I have no idea what could be causing this, I double...
  17. A

    Question Only the motherboard led lights are turning on on my recent build

    As title says only the motherboard's LED lights turn on when I turn on the PSU. I've plugged in the CPU cooler, the CPU cable to the EATX 12V, the 24 pin motherboard, audio cables, USB 3.1, etc. and I can't understand why the rest of the components don't turn on. Motherboard: Asus TUF...
  18. A

    Question Pc broke, what is wrong? (Fixed)

    So a couple days ago my mouse broke and since I had no spares my pc was turned off for like four days (plug socket off as well) when I got a new mouse and tried to turn it on again my monitor detected the hdmi signal but only showed a black screen with a small white rectangle towards the upper...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Where does this fan noise come from and how do i fix it ? (Video)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5biGy_NY3fk i already cleaned the dust out of pc. please help the noise is rlly bothering me
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a decent pc for 250$ ? wanna play WoW

    1.Intel Core i5-750 3.20 GHz Turbo 4-jedrni procesor Asus GTX 650ti 2GB GDDR5 Grafična kartica 8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz 500GB HDD Windows 10 pro 2. Specifikacije: Procesor: Intel i5-3470 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600Mhz Grafična kartica: ASUS GTX 970 Strix 4GB SSD: Samsung EVO 840 250GB HDD: Seagate...