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  1. I

    Question Pc suddenly crashing when launching games

    So suddenly the other day, like 2 days ago, my pc keeps crashing when launching games. The game freezes and when i open task manager it crashes to. I can click everywhere just without anything happening. I haven't changed anything before it happened. It just randomly started. My specs: CPU...
  2. M

    Question Why is my Pc Crashing

    Hello, my name is Jason and my pc keeps crashing. Every time I try to play a game it crashes and every time i try to record or stream with obs it crashes. i can use to stream videos and online surf but when i want to play games and record it crashes. It's not overheating because I am monitoring...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] PC locking up during games i'm all out of ideas

    First time posting here because i am all out of ideas on what this issue could be. So my PC keeps on locking up ( freezing) while playing games more so hunt showdown and Apex the game will start up fine and i can get into the menu. the game play itself will lock up and just leave me with the...
  4. A

    Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L and Gtx 1050 ti windforce oc edition

    Do work an Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L motherboard whit an gigabyte Gtx 1050 ti windforce oc edition
  5. V

    4670k gaming upgrade.

    Hello, i5 4670k GTX 1070ti 4x4GB DDR3 1333 SSD/HDD Z87 mobo Win 10 x64 1080p 144hz monitor The thing is - in latest AssCreed and Battlefield games,CPU is capped out at 100% usage while GPU often is at ~50%. The story is similar in some other latest games. I am curious if its worth upgrading...
  6. A

    sony a 6500

    can anyone recommend a good portrait lens for sony a6500. I wont be using it proffessionally or earning money from it. Just for some casual portraits.I know zeiss has 50mm f1.4 and 55mm f1.8 but i think they are costly for casual use so will sony 50mm f1.8 be good?
  7. W

    CoreTemp is displaying 12384.51MHz on my FX 8350?

    Hello all, This is my problem: For the record, my OC is done through BIOS. My base clock setting is 200MHz and my multiplier is 26 and voltage is 1.31V. Load Line Calibration is low, so 1.3V might be accurate if there's voltage droop. I honestly have no idea what's going on here... Is...
  8. chaos_viper15

    Best CPU aircooler for overclocking a 7700K CPU

    I've been looking for an air cooler best for overclocking my 7700K. I was wanting the evga clc 280 but as of recent there are out of stock and no ETA on when they will be available again. So I have everything I need for my system except the cpu cooler so I seen this article...
  9. C

    C650 video mystery

    My Toshiba c650-01t well the video driver quits responding while watching videos..Itll get choppy slow right down then freeze.Then I get a message that the video driver quit responding.As for the os..it does it with win 7,8, the new technical preview,ubintu..I dunno its a mystery..trying...
  10. S

    Monetary value of GTX 780 compared to the 970

    My 780 is faulty and the retailer that sold me my prebuilt computer are willing to replace it. I have asked if they would be able to replace it with a 970. As far as I am aware, the 970, while a superior product actually costs slightly less. I see also that they now use it as standard in...
  11. D

    My New Amazing Alienware

    Hey guys, I just recieved my new super-gaming Alienware laptop in the mail. The total cost was about $5,000, this including 32gb of 1600ghz of ram to replace my old ram (the memory chip broke) and also Dell's premium keyboard and mouse combo for an extra $60 (to get extra fps). I just wanted to...