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    Question Pc completely dead

    So i have tried everything i probaly could but my pc is still dead. My pc is only 3 months old. I have reseted the cmos. Tested powesuply. Redo all the cables. Test cpu. Change ram. Removed videocard. But still theres no sign of any power in my pc. Anyone have some advice?
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    Question PC is ON, but monitor is blank!?

    Everything was fine until last week, when I wanted to startup my pc, but it showed me only black screen without cursor. I restarted it and tried again and then after 10mins without doing anything my screen turned on and I was on log in screen and I used pc normally. Next day I had to restart it...
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    Question PC suddenly died

    Hello, My PC died suddenly. I played Skyrim last night and when I turned it on today, it showed no sign of life. I took it out and tested the PSU. I guess the PSU is ok because I connected the green and the black wires of the connector and the fan was working. I think it might be the motherboard...