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  1. A

    Question Random usage drops

    I keep having these type of drops in mostly every game i play( Counter strike 2 , Fort-nite , Valorant but valorant rarely to be honest) so idk whats causing it and i dont know if its hardware issue or software issue and if i can find it with some kind of a program that provides logs that tells...
  2. Foyezes

    Question PC lags and slows down randomly

    I have an i5 6400 with 16gb of ram and no gpu. I have windows installed a 120gb sata drive and some hard drives. My computer slows down sometimes even while using only one app. I don't know what can cause these kinds of problems. I have enough ram and I don't normally use more than 4 apps at a...
  3. Phil Holm

    Question PC crashes upon installing AMD driver

    I have a pretty old laptop, Dell 15R SE, with an i7 3632QM and a Radeon HD 7730M, and it was working fine up until now. I didnt use my laptop for about a month because of my exams, and then after i finally turned it on it froze on startup. Then i reinstalled windows and noticed the pc freezes or...
  4. M

    Question PC won't run with only single monitor, only works on dual monitor setup ?

    TL;DR PC freezes with green dots all over the screen when I use single monitor setup but it works absolutely fine when 2 monitors are connected and turned on Hello, so I got a very weird problem with my GPU Here's a link with my PC specs and build...
  5. B

    Question PC randomly crashing

    So about 5-10 minutes after boot up, my pc will randomly freeze, when I turn it off and then back on, it won’t freeze. So every time I hop on my pc, I have to click restart and then proceed logging in to prevent a freeze. Also sometimes when I’m on edge after 5-10 minutes, it won’t load a site...
  6. BigChunger

    [SOLVED] PC freeze/apps not responding after closing a game

    Whenever I close a game like Subnautica or Halo Infinite or really anything that gets my pc running hot, all of my windows apps like discord and chrome will freeze and give me "not responding" for about 5 to 10 seconds. No weird sounds, but obviously voices on discord and videos cut off because...
  7. greenbatman

    Question PC freezes and requires a restart in order to work properly.

    For about 2 years my PC has been randomly freezing out of no where and requires a restart in order to be functional again. I could be gaming, I could have just turned the PC on, but it usually happens on idle. Usually when it freezes, I can still move my mouse around, but nothing happens. If I...
  8. I

    Question My PC suddenly freezes while using Chrome ?

    Hey guys, I have some weird issues going with my pc. IDK why but whenever I try to use Chrome my whole PC freezes and I can't use anything after that. My mouse and keyboard don't work at that time. I have tried reinstalling Windows but that didn't fix that issue. Even tried removing malwares by...
  9. DonBigD

    Question Screen freezes while gaming with an RTX 2060 OC on base clock ?

    As I mentioned, the screen freezes when I start playing and the core clock is on factory settings, but the problem is solved when I lower the core clock to -200 MHz . I don't know why I have to lower the core clock from its base speed. I have been playing on the same factory settings in the past...
  10. helpplsxd

    [SOLVED] PC absolutely freezes when I start a game

    Hello, I have a problem with my pc for a long time and I cant find the solution what it could be. like 70% times when I start some game that has a little bit more good graphics my PC absolutely freezes, like screen is freezed, even cursor is freezed, I cant move with cursor and my speakers do...
  11. SFVirux

    Question Windows crashing and restarting (sometimes over and over) and keyboard no longer works, apps regularly become unresponsive.

    Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine and having a Good Day Brothers I am having this issue https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/windows-crashing-and-restarting-sometimes-over-and-over-and-keyboard-no-longer-works-apps-regularly-become-unresponsive.3528787/ I am already done with the given...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] PC freezes - then restarts + Graphics Error

    Hello everyone! :) For a long time I have had the problem that my PC freezes irregularly in some games, sometimes after 20 minutes, sometimes after 3 hours. But not on the desktop - only in some games. And now I am trying to find out the problem which is not that easy and now I need your help...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] PC freezing after upgrading several parts

    Hello, I upgraded server parts of my PC back when black priday happened in 2020 (CPU, RAM, Motherboard. CPU fan and case) and my PC has freezed several times since then. I have tried waiting for many minutes to see if the PC fixes itself, it does not. It can happen at any time, gaming, wathing...
  14. Rohacan

    Question PC lags and makes audio glitches when downloading games

    Hello, I am having an issue when downloading large files at high speeds. I mostly download from steam / ubisoft connect (uplay), but as soon as I start downloading (building up to 65mb/s) my pc starts lagging and the audio glitches like crazy. I tried some things online like (bcdedit /set...
  15. LionKing12

    Question PC Freeze/No Display

    So I have 2 PCs one seems to be having issues, sometimes it just freezes up while using then if I shut it down by holding power button and try to boot it up there's no display first it felt like a GPU problem but I've been using that GPU (MSI Gaming X RX 470 4GB) on a difference PC without any...
  16. R

    Question ASUS ROG Freezing at any POST point

    Hello! I have been with this problem for a while (I will tell the whole story below for further information, might be helpful), In resume, my laptop freezes at every attempt of booting, here is a picture pc freezing at logo screen (It's in spanish, that means 'preparing automatic repair'. I...
  17. josejaci18

    [SOLVED] PC keeps freezing, how do I fix it?

    Hello, so my PC which I just built about a month ago has been freezing since I've built it. It will freeze for like 30 seconds and then resume with what it's doing and it's very annoying. I've tried everything, checking my ram, switching gpu's, messing with power settings, tried a new psu, and...
  18. Sadpenguin

    [SOLVED] BSOD and random crashes

    Hey guys, My pc keeps crashing always when gaming after 10min to 4 hours and sometimes it crashes when i am just browsing the web. Sometimes it shows a BSOD and others it just freezes and i have to shut it down manually. The BSOD error that i get is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I replaced my ssd...
  19. AKumar90

    Question PC Freeze

  20. tehnekopoke

    [SOLVED] Demanding games close or freeze

    {my custom built pc} I've been having this issue for a while , when ever I play any demanding games my pc ends up completely freezing and me having to restart it or sometimes the game crashes and give me a blue screen on or takes me back to the desktop. i've run memtest86 and I it passed with...
  21. J

    Question PC Keeps freezing and buzzing on Windows 10

    PC keeps freezing and buzzing like the last few seconds of sound. mainly happens when i start, finish or even tab out of my league of legends game. it is a new pc i built myself a few days go specs: CPU: RYZEN 5 3600 MOBO: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING MEMORY: CORSAIR DDR4 3000MHz GRAPHICS...
  22. rcheulishvil

    [SOLVED] Windows freezes when exiting games

    My specs: i5 9400f RX 580, 4gb 12 GB RAM, both kingston, both clocked at 2400, one 8 gb, one 4gb. HDD toshiba 1000 gb PSU: something with 500 watts Motherboard: gigabyte H310M So, I can play for hours and hours, 4-5 hours straight. everything is fine. no fps drops, no sound scatters, no...
  23. J

    Question PC Random Freeze totally clueless experts plse help ?

    Hey guys Few months back while working my mouse and keyboard froze both are USB type device i tried to unplug and plug it on another port it dint help i gotta hard shutdown after restart again it froze after 10 min so i removed my GPU Driver and reinstalled it then i dint get any such PC freeze...
  24. F

    Liquid CPU cooling

    So in the case of the h100i from Corsair do I need a water cooling reservoir or is that built in, what I am confused about is if I will need to have a tank or if I simply need to just fill the CPU cooler up and no additional tubing would be needed.
  25. J

    [SOLVED] i9 9900K OC Help!!

    I just built a gaming rig last week and now I trying to OC. Motherboard is the Aorus Master from Gigabyte and I keep getting BSOD WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR while running Prime 95 or sometimes BO4 Has anyone experienced this? if so how were you able to solve this? Please advise. All...
  26. N

    Cant connect GPU to Display

    Hey i have a computer. I3 Processor Nvidia GeForce 1050 Asus hm 110 Mother board My problem here is. I have my display connected to motherboard trought VGA My GPU has DVI / HDMI / Display Port I tryed adapters from VGA to DisplayPort and from VGA To HDMI and nothing seemed to work like...
  27. C

    Is my PC good?

    Is my PC Good for gaming and will last a while (3-4 years)? and what should i upgrade? Specs: GTX 1050ti AMD fx 8320 eight core processor 16gb ram 450w 4TB 120SSD Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-Usb3
  28. A

    HDMI monitor not detected by GPU ?!

    Hey guys this is my first post here and i've looked in other posts about this issue and it's still here... So i've this 750TI which actually was running this dual monitor setup for quite a while.. One monitor is VGA and the other is HDMI and both were running fine until one day i changed my psu...
  29. C

    video card problem. gtx 780 zotac amp.

    my video card is not appearing in device manager and nvidia driver not detecting it. but its displaying as standard graphics. it has 6 pin and 8 pin but its connected in psu. what seems to be the problem? my psu? or vcard problem? CPU SPECS: i7 3770 8gb ram psu 800w with 12v 24amps and 12v 21...
  30. Q

    gpu, cpu for max settings at 1360x768p monitor

    Hey guys, I have 768p monitor and my question is what gpu and cpu I need for max settings, playing the latest games that came out?
  31. H

    "Open with..." Not adding programs to the list

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsx6N5Z9A8A&feature=youtu.be I don't think I can say much that isn't already shown by the video.
  32. S

    Program using pagefile instead of ram

    When I use GTA V it seems to put my pagefile usage up alot (to the point of crashing itself) without utilising a large amount of the available ram. I have 8gb of ram clocked at 1600 mhz, my computer on idle uses roughly 3gb, with gta it uses about 6-7gb pagefile usage on idle is about 3gb out...
  33. S

    ahci ide mix

    Not sure whether to post here or motherboards. I have a Asus Sabertooth 55i with 5 hard drives. I do NOT have a RAID setup. I want to add a 250 or 500gb SSD and make it the boot drive. The existing drives/operating system was installed with BIOS set to IDE, not AHCI (seems like maybe I...