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  1. Archgaull

    Best LED for a Fractal Design Define R5

    What would you guys consider to be the best LED strip for a windowed Fractal Design Define R5 (that would be compatible with a Corsair CX600M now, and a EVGA 1000W G2 PSU in the future)
  2. J

    video card upgrade

    i was looking to get a better video card and wanted to see what i could get. i have a core 2 duo @ 2.2ghz, 3gb ram, 300 watt psu and run windows vista. not sure what original video card i had was but it did have 512mb memory on it and worked rather well till it died. so i got a gt 610 synergy...
  3. S

    Which mac good for my needs ?

    Hi . Hope you guys are doing well . I want to know is this mac is good for my needs ? Macbook pro 13 mid 2014 Core i5 , 8 gig ram , 128 flash storage , iris graphic For music producing Edit 24 megapixel camera photo And edit 1080p video or great music video not with cinema effect , with...
  4. M

    HDD sata confusion

    So say you have a mobo with a sata 6Gb/s socket. And you have a HDD that is 3Gb/s. Can you have a 3Gb/s sata cord and still be able to be compatible, and does the HDD have to be compatible with the 6Gb/s.