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  1. aniruddhsinghal5

    Question What games can I play fine with my setup?

    I want to play some mid-end games on my PC, with following setup- i5-7200U 8Gigs Ram 1TB storage+ 200 gb SSD Nvidia 940MX Which games would run smoothly( 60 fps or around) ??
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Why do my games crash?

    If i load up Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege (for example) it would load fine until it froze and went oversaturate. I run a Gtx 770 And a fx-8350 cpu
  3. A

    Question New Monitor = Really Choppy Gameplay?

    Hi, I've recently gone from a 1080p 60Hz TV from a 2k 144Hz monitor (ASUS PG279Q to be exact). When playing on my TV, in pretty much all games I could play with high setting and in some cases fully maxed out with a smooth 60fps and the games would look like butter. With my new monitor its so...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] PC restarts abruptly

    Hi, Below is my system specs - MOTHERBOARD (Chipset - Z370) = Asus TUF Z370 PRO gaming CPU(Socket - LGA 1151) = i7 8700 RAM = Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR 4 GPU = ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Twin Fan SSD = Samsung 750 evo 120GB HDD = Seagate Barracuda(Green) ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB PSU...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] PC crashes to desktop at random while playing games

    Hello, I've had the issue of my pc randomly crashing to the desktop while gaming.I've had the PC for 2 years and the problem has been there since the beginning. It seems to happen on every game however it happens most frequently on more demanding games like open world (ex Batman Arkham...
  6. rakibfahadgts

    Question Farcry New Dawn low fps with 2070

    I'm facing low average fps in farcry new dawn (around 70 fps in game and 90 while benchmarked with in game tool) with rtx 2070. But based on benchmarks done by youtubers and other people, i should be getting around 120 average fps. I'm sure my cpu isn't bottlenecking as all eight threads (i7...
  7. szogun

    Question Forza Horizon 4 no sound

    I have a problem with horizon 4 when I start the game I have the sound until the senna screen and after that I have no sound in game on my speakers that is but when I switch to my monitor speakers the sound is there for some odd reason anyone knows the reason and fix for this thanks. PS the...
  8. Ivan96

    [SOLVED] Need some info about Assassin's Creed games

    Hi,i need info for someone who played all AC games. I was wondering which AC games force you to drive boats? I played AC 3 which have Naval battles but you don't have to play them if you don't want to and i finished whole game and didn't play any Naval mission. After that i tried Black Flag but...
  9. A

    Afterglow windows xbox controller mic not working?

    I didnt see a xbox category so I put it here. My controller I use on xbox and when I join a party I can hear the other people and when I plug my mic in(brand new) they hear a annoying noise or sometimes hear nothing from me but it will show I'm talking. Any fixes?
  10. A

    No connections available WIN 10

    Hi. I recently bought a new MB (Asus Prime B350 PLUS) and some other components too. After installing new components my PC loses internet connection when its under heavy traffic. It lasts about 5-10 seconds and then it reconnects. Before I installed new MB my internet worked fine, no problems...
  11. LeadGaming212

    q6600 getting VERY hot at IDLE

    i recently installed WattOS on my computer and that meaned to take side panel of and put hdd in but when i tried booting it after putting the drive in it was idle at about 80c - 90c which is very bad and as i know about computers and i know what not to touch i just wanted to see how hot the...
  12. A

    Will upgrading ram from 4gb to 8gb help with gaming experience?

    My laptop is HP Pavilion 15 e016tx which has i5 3230M 2.6GHz and radeon 8670M 2gb graphics card with 4gb ram. I dont have budget for a gaming pc or any other pc, are there any ways to improve my gaming experience on this laptop? Dying Light works on low so FC3 with some lags sometimes...
  13. G

    PCE Wifi Card not showing in device manager

    Hi! I am just finished with my pc build, but when i booted it up and installed all drivers everything worked fine except the ASUS PCE ac-56 wifi card. I installed the drivers for it, but nothing happened. The card does not show up in Device manager and not in the network Cards section in Networking.
  14. A

    Which SSD is a better buy?

    Samsung 850 evo 250GB for 97€ OR Adata SU900 256GB for 105€ Which one is a better buy?
  15. T

    Graphics card and power supply conflict, need help?

    hp pro 3400 mt series windows 7 pro 2GB ram (plan to upgrade to 16GB) pentium cpu (plan to upgrade to core I7) Brand new PSU = Corsair 650w CS650M Brand new GPU = MSI Geforce 1050TI gaming x (Nvidia) minimum power needed 300w Ok so heres the thing... i have bought the above peripherals and...
  16. E

    h170 chipset upgrade to OC Skylake

    How does one go about updating\upgrading a H170 chipset to overclock a Skylake? Looking to save some green.
  17. A

    Buying a New Computer - Black Friday

    So I'm planning on buying a new computer and I want to buy the parts during black friday. Problem is I only have around $1000 (I might be able to get more around then, but maybe like 100$ more.) PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/6xdRKZ Price breakdown by merchant...
  18. H

    H110i GTX Standoff Problem

    I am attempting to install the backplate for my H100i GTX cooler on my motherboard but I found out one of the standoffs will not screw in properly. I thought it was the standoff itself but when I tried that standoff in another hole it worked fine, so it's definitely the hole itself which is the...
  19. J

    New Build! Are these parts right?

    I am planning a new build for some time in the winter. I have built several computers in the past, but wanted some input on the current system I am planning. Is it future proof? Is it too much/not enough power? This PC will be for the long haul (roughly 5-6+ years). I intend on using it for...
  20. C

    Best super cheap used new budget build for £300

    Good super cheap budget build recommendation for £300 any recommendations. Im thinking buying an old refurbished first gen i3 pc for £100 and adding ram swapping for i5 750 and hopefully getting a r9 280 for £100. Any recommendations.