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    How to control CPU fan speed

    Hi , i use gigabyte z97x gamig3 MOBO and i5 4690k CPU , i can OC my CPU and monitor its temp using gigabyte's easytune app but i can't control the fan speed. Does gigabyte have an app for that or do i have to download smth else i checked gigabyte's website but couldnt find smth useful.
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    Programs and games writing to 2 seperate SSD's consecutively (not wanted)

    I just bought a new Intel SSD and whenever I install a program or game on the new Drive it also writes it to my original SSD, and whenever I try to delete something off my main original drive, it deletes it off my new drive as well.
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    Cooling the system...

    Hi all, just needed a bit of help with knowing if my fans will be good enough for the PC I'm building- http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/4PYQvK
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    Building a Hackintosh and Gaming PC

    Hi, I want to build a gaming PC to run demanding games, e.g. BF4. However, I also want to run mac on it, I'm guessing by using a Hackintosh. My budget for the components is around £1000 excluding peripherals. Could you suggest possible builds or other threads related to this so I could...
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    Problem installing second hard drive.

    Hey, I have a Segate 74GB ST380215A hard drive in which windows is installed. I bought a new hard drive which is WD Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB. Now I connected it to my pc and checked in bios and the hard drive is showing in it. Now when I checked Disk Management by right clicking My computer > Manage...
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    Disabling in Device manager

    Does this cut the power of the component too? (such as graphics card) I have 2. One power hungry, and one for browsing. The power hungry one still eats a chunk of watts while idling.
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    I recently built my gaming PC and having some problems with performance.

    So I bought and built my gaming PC a little over a month ago and have noticed that whenever I open up certain programs/games it takes a while to open/load. The programs that I have been running and have noticed the issue of "lag" are Dota 2, Google Chrome, and World of Warcraft. When...
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    Gaming with people overseas.

    About a year ago my brother moved to China leaving me in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently we tried reconnecting through a childhood favorite, Mortal Kombat, however the amount of lag we experience is unbearable and ultimately leads to a disconnection. My question is, is there any way to minimize...
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    Did i pick a good power supply?

    Hello, so basically i bought a PC from cyberpower, and i got myself a gtx 770 and an i5-4670k along with a standard 600 watt power supply. Shortly after, about everybody on this forum told me it was a horrible power supply, and some people even said it ruined some of their other components. I...
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    fx 8300 will be good for gaming and graphics in the future?

    i want to buy a cpu for graphics my money about 200 $ wich cpu will be good and i want to know if an game Requires more than 4 cores will i be able to play it on amd 8 core better than intel 4core and (thanks for all answers)