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  1. Duckie504

    Question Its my first PC, and I want to be smart about this.

    I need help. I want to finally get a PC and ascend from playing on consoles (not really, but you get the point).This is my first pc (in general), and I'm not sure at all about what parts I need to get. I have helped my friend build his pc, but this will be the first one meant for me. I have a...
  2. BuckCity

    Question Can't get ARC to work?????????

    I have a 55 LG OLED55C7P tv hooked up to a Yamaha rx-377 receiver. And when I try to use the Netflix app on my tv. I cant get audio through my receiver. I managed to get ARC to work a couple months ago. By switching to the hdmi port on the tv that says ARC on it. Which is HDMI 2. Then press the...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] 1st pc for gaming at 1080p ultra settings

    Is a rtx 2060 super with i7 6700k and 32gb ddr4 ram at about 2400hmz any good for this ?
  4. M

    Question Best options for 1440p on high or better settings for gaming

    I am building a new pc, and starting to purchase parts but have yet to purchase the cpu and gpu. I would like to know what are best parts to to achieve good streaming and podcasting along with excellent gaming at 1440p I’ve heard that I don’t need to invest in a 2080ti and that 2070 paired with...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Future Proofed (6+ years) 1440p gaming computer

    I've been saving up for a new computer for a while now, seeing as my current one has so many switched out components that if i want to replace one now i would have to replace 5 others aswell. I recently bought a 1440p monitor based off a lot of positive feedback i got from friends as well as...
  6. I

    Will I have to swap PSU?

    Hello peeps, I am wondering if I have to swap my 520w PSU when I upgrade my GPU. Currently I am running a Mini ITX game build with: i5 4460 1 7200 HDD 1 SSD 16GB DDR3 RAM GTX 770 Lightning (Phanteks Evolv case) 520W Seasonic PSU I want to swap the 770 for either a gtx 980 or 980 TI. The...
  7. Z

    4gb ram only 2gb usable

    Processor:AMD Athlon x2 250 installed memory :4.00 gb (2.00 gb usable) i have :ECS MCP61M-M3 motherboard i buy extra 2gb Ram but its seems not working i already tried to use msconfig but still the same
  8. B

    Battlefield 1942 long loading time

    Hi, I have X54H laptop (B960, HD7470M, W7x64 professional) When I start battlefield it takes a long time to load (around 3min). In that time both CPU and HDD are inactive. Also it takes long to connect to a server. Other laptops in LAN it have a much faster. Problem retains in some other games.