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  1. DanteHor98

    Question PC is running but no display

    Hello. Few days ago my pc started to have weird pixelated crash while idling or doing nothing on PC. I restarted it and everything is ok again. Recently, when I wake it up from sleep, the same things happened. When I restart it, the pc runs but have no display. I have done several steps to...
  2. Y

    Question New PC lights up but turns off right after

    So I built a new pc and I put everything together correctly since I double checked every part like 10 times. My psu works also since i checked it with the paper clip. I checked each if my ram slots. I plugged out my graphics card and it did the same thing still and I took out my cpu and...
  3. M

    Question PC no working, LED Light OFF

    Please Help. So when I turn on the PC, the fans working, the display black,// the LED Light OFF//, the CD is working, the green LED is on the base. /sorry bad Google translate/ Components: Motherboard: ASUS P5Q PRO Windows 10 PRO 64x 6 GB RAM DDR2 Graphics ATI readeon I've tried everything...