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  1. Question I7 4790K non-oc temps

    Hey guys, i'm here for your toughts on this, i'm running a I7 4790K for a few years now and it was cooled by an old Corsair H60 which was doing the job fine until a few weeks ago. Case is NZXT 340 close to perfect cable management, with 3 Be Quiet Silent wings and 1 Noctua NF-A12 all linked to a...
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    Replacing RAM - Hyundai Electronics

    I currently use 4GB RAM manufactured by Hyundai Electronics which seems to be a very local company. I am thinking of upgrading my RAM. So should i remove my current RAM and purchase Corsair 4x2gb RAM or just add Corsair 4gb RAM? Do manufacturer of PC components matter? Does it change any...