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  1. M

    Question Pc not turning on after shutdown

    So a couple of weeks ago I turned off my pc with th off/on button bc everything froze. After that my pc didn't want to turn on for like 14 hours after which I kept plugging and unplugging and pressing the on of button and in worked. But now the issue came back and this time its more annoying. My...
  2. Xydian

    Question PC fails to post after changing cpu (so signal to monitor)

    Specs: CPU: i5 9600k Mothrboard: b365m pro4 PSU: EVGA supernova 650w Gold Ram: Teamgroup 16gb ddr4 2666mhz (8+8) GPU: Palit 3060ti So I bought an i9 9900kf, I tried it with my stock cooler instead of my i5 and everything worked and the PC ran fine. I did not play games with it or benchmark it...
  3. cata.gcc

    [SOLVED] PC not turning on after reassembly

    Hi! I bought a new case about 2 days ago because i'll be getting new components, since the plans changed and i'll get them next month i decided to move my current pc into the new case. I plugged all the cables i did everything and then surprise! It doesn't start, like nothing fans not spinning...
  4. M

    Question PC needs to put under the sunlight every morning

    Hello, As the title says, my pc will not turn on not until I put it under the sunlight for a couple of minutes. I read an old threads here with the same issue that I have. Is there any other solution other than replacing the mobo? I appreciate all the help.
  5. M

    Question My PC is randomly not turning on

    PC Specs : Pentium G4560 Asrock H110m GTX 1050 TI 8GB DDR4 2133 Corsair CV450 Hello, I am having a problem with my pc its randomly not turning on, sometimes its working fine (not shuttingdown randomly, no bsod its completely working fine for 6 hours or more straight in gaming) but all the time...
  6. TripleJTH

    Question PC won’t turn on

    My pc shut down normally last night with no issues, this morning I tried turning it on and it wouldn’t start, I’ve tried different power sockets etc, but my microphone is lit up and my gpu has a light too, and the USB ports are working, but when I start the pc, none of the fans start, case...
  7. T

    Question Computer turns off 1 seconds after I put it on

    So when I turn on the power button i just hear 2 clicks in like 1 seconds and my PC is just not going on. all the lights on my motherboard are on. But the lights on my graphic card are not showing. Maybe somebody knows what it is based on those 2 fast "click" sounds.
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Sudden shut down, not starting back up.

    So i was away from my computer for 30 minutes (only having youtube in the background). When i came back it was turned off and my motherboard lights red and goes back and forth between CPU and VRAM, when i start the pc. What to do? (Pc has been working for 5 months) Every fan and such starts up...
  9. B

    Question PC turns on only if I unplug it for a few hours

    Hello! I made this PC about 2 years ago, and it had no problem at all until now. It started a few days ago. I turned off the PC that night and it won't turn on the next day. The speakers were making a weird sound and the mouse light was also blinking faintly, so I unplugged it and the sound and...
  10. I

    Question PC died suddenly

    Hello, My PC died suddenly. I played Skyrim last night and when I turned it on today, it showed no sign of life. I took it out and tested the PSU. I guess the PSU is ok because I tested it on another PC(My old one. Its got lower specs but works with this psu). Another weird thing I noticed was...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] PC suddenly died

    Hello, My PC died suddenly. I played Skyrim last night and when I turned it on today, it showed no sign of life. I took it out and tested the PSU. I guess the PSU is ok because I connected the green and the black wires of the connector and the fan was working. I think it might be the motherboard...
  12. S

    Question Pc not turning on all of a sudden

    Hi, so I was working with my pc at night and everything was working fine. I put hibernation when i was done with my work and then switched off from the mains. The next day, my pc is not powering on when i press the power button. My motherboard led lights up. When i press the power button, the...
  13. J

    A8 7650k with R9 380 or Nvidia GTX?

    Specs Amd a8 7650k up to 3.6ghz turbo. 2x8gb crucial 1600mhz overclocked to 1866mhz Msi a68hm motherboard. PSU 250w (to be upgraded to 500w minimum) I'm using the current apu overclocked and am getting Total War Warhammer on medium settings 720p approx 30fps.. I want a dedicated GPU as from...
  14. T

    Router for connection?

    I am clueless, so I apologize to start! I have just updraded my internet to 1g connection previously had 100mbs. My router wont push past 100 and on my speedtest.net I pull 11megabytes. My question is. What router would I need to pick up to ensure I can get my 100 megabytes out of my connection...