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  1. W

    [SOLVED] Computer Build without Chinese Parts

    I know this request is borderline insane, seeing as basically everything has some part of it made in China, but here we go. A friend of mine does some work involving national security and asked if I could built a new desktop for him running linux, "of course" I said. Next he requested that I...
  2. Lord Huntington

    [SOLVED] Building a PC

    Hi, I'm currently gaming on my 2009 system and I am now at the point where I play new releases on the lowest graphics at about 15 FPS or less with frequent crashes and freezes. I want to build my new PC to have greater control about which parts go in it, the only problem is that I don't know...
  3. B

    Build Advice Help to make parts list for PC intensive digital simulation

    Hello, I want to build a desktop PC without experiences at all in that field. It will be a PC for programming/digital simulation/3D modeling and rendering. I’ve restricted my search for a computer under the following requirements : for the budget : 600-800 $ for the CPU : 64-bits intel or AMD...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Please review PC part list. Welcome to any advice.

    Hi all. Looking to put together a gaming PC for a good friend. Just looking for additional advice from much smart people on my list. Open to any suggestions too. Will be about my third build. Can supply monitor / keyboard / mouse / optical drive already. Windows 10 op. Somebody already...
  5. nospecgamer

    [SOLVED] I need a Part List under $600 Canadian Dollars for a Sibling of mine

    Someone post a bunch of Part Lists that are at the most under $600. My Sister is getting into Photo Editing just for the family and she's also making, "Meme Compilations", which basically is video editing and she needs a PC that has enough power to actually launch something like DaVinci or Adobe...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] PC build input

    Hello, I am going to build a pc using new pieces from Newegg and a few from my current setup. I would like to know if there are any things I need to change, or just advice on parts to use for my pc. My parts include: CPU-(i5-9600k ($365) or i7 8700($416) I'm not sure which one I want to get but...
  7. M

    4 or 6 pin in EATX12V

    Should I use a 4 pin or a 6 pin cable from the power supply to connect to EATX12V on the motherboard? I dont have an 8 pin cable