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  1. K

    Me pc random restart itself

    Whenever I'm watching something the screen just goes black and the pc restarts itself. It never happends when I'm playing a game, only when watching something or a discord call or whatsoever. I already tried a lot and it's driving me crazy. Already did a clean install and turned off the windows...
  2. K

    Question Computer Suddenly Running Very Slowly

    So within the last week, my computer's performance has absolutely tanked for no apparent reason. No viruses, no hardware issues, I've unplugged and replugged everything, Nothing seems to work. I'm running at 100% disk usage and almost always above 50% CPU usage at all times, regardless of what's...
  3. LilDrakkar

    Question major fps drops making games unplayable

    specs: cpu: Intel Core i7 2670QM ram: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 167C graphics: ATI AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series I can play csgo for example at about 40-50 fps. But about every 3-4 seconds I get a frame drop to about 5. It makes most games unplayable. If someone could...
  4. B

    Question Computer black screen freezes during games (brand new rx570)

    Build: ASRock 320M Ryzen 5 1500X RX 570 4GB 8GB RAM Whenever I play league, my computer will at random points freeze, then go to a black screen, before eventually returning to the game about 15 seconds later. This happens once every free games, or a few times a game. During this period, my...
  5. N

    Question Pc laging/stuttering when in game

    I just built this gaming pc last august.... and now when ever im gaming i get lag or stutter?sluggishness even if i alt tab out of the game the mouse is moving slugishly on the screen ( not choppy movement just really slow) im not over heating and my cpu shows it pinned at 100% and it shouldnt...
  6. Reintel244

    Question Ransom PC crash and no more boring automatically

    So this is a tricky problem. Recently I got a game called mordhau. I've been playing like normal but for some reason I was playing one day and all of the sudden my PC turned completely off. I didn't think much of it cuz I've dealt with heating issues before. But when I turned it on nothing come...
  7. Zenko44

    Question No output to monitors with Graphics cards plugged in.

    I have bought the new Gigabyte Z390 gaming SLI motherboard, when i plug in any graphics card into either of the PCIe slots the PC doesn't post at all it just sits there with the fans spinning. Anyone had experience with this. The PC posts without the cards installed, and is usable with out the...
  8. J

    Question Fps problems? Freeze frame?

    Every time when I play a game my fps suddenly drops to like 10 fps for some seconds and after that they start to rise again, I've tried a lot of things to fix this (lag spikes?). It's on most games except for really old or easy to run games. My specs are: GPU: msi GEFORCE RTX 2070 8GB CPU: AMD...
  9. F

    Question My LG monitor says no signal on startup

    I did my yearly clean of the PC and also checked to see if I had a slot for my SSD, No problems there, so I reconnected all the wires and all that and turned on the PC which was turning on my monitor was checking signal and I was waiting ready to play some games and find no signal, I reconnected...
  10. kallyfox

    Question High end pc graphic problems

    First time here since its the only place ive seen with pc problems people who can help me. hi. Ive had a problem with my pc within the last 4 months, i do now know what the problem is on the console but i do know what it does. Whenever i play a game with high end graphics me pc will freeze and...
  11. P

    Question Please help! PC shut down while playing game.

    So I built myself a rig recently, and everything was going fine until last night. I was playing Resident Evil 2 remake, and the PC shut down mid game. Now I thought I'd mention, my GPU fans won't spin unless I manually turn them on, I don't know why. After the PC shut down I tried to turn it...
  12. apollote

    Question Which part is faulty?

    I have been getting lots of freezes lately where I cannot move my cursor or do anything. The fans and everything in my PC seems to still be running, but the display itself is frozen. I have to manually restart my computer by switching it on and off to fix it. These freezes happen while browsing...
  13. S

    Frequent BSODs, suspecting ssd Huawei Matebook X pro

    Hi everyone, So as title says, im having 3-7 BSOD every day. The errors are CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION and SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. This is on a Huawei Matebook X pro i7 model. The ssd is a LITE-ON 512GB CA3-8D512. I havent been able to find an nvme driver for this...
  14. W

    Dual Monitors with one RTX 2080

    I am trying to run a dual monitor setup on my PC that I just built. The PC has one RTX 2080 and it only has 1 HDMI port (in the graphics card, but there is another in the mother board which doesnt seem to work becuase it is just a black screen when I plug it in). How can I run 2 monitors with...
  15. M

    On/off switch not working

    Micromax A109 power switch not working
  16. D

    MP3 player help

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sandisk clip jam MP3 player? i have moved music on to it before, normally just by putting it in its music folder just for the sake of the music being on there. But for making playlists it is different. Sandisks website says to put the music into Windows...
  17. I

    1050 ti Shunt mod ?

    Does any 1050 ti model have shunt resistors ? Couldnt find any information my self.
  18. M

    Gtx 960 or 770 or r9 380/280x

    Hi guys so im thinking about upgrading my pc. Today i have a gt 730 4 gb ddr3 and a i3 2100 but i will upgrade to a i5 3350p for 40 euros (from a friend) and a gtx 770 or 960 4gb or a r9 380/280x for 100 (used). I will also buy a 550w semi modular psu. Sry for bad english
  19. D

    1080+ryzen 5 1600x oc is unbalanced?

    hey guys im building a new a rig and i have already bought a 1080, im looking to do live streams with this build so i decided to go with ryzen howether the ryzen 7 is rather expensive so will it be too unbalanced with a 1600x that is oc
  20. G

    Computer restarts when playing games

    Hi, my computer restarts when I play any game. it happens once or twice a week usually when playing WoW or Overwatch. my specs are AMD FX-6300 8 gigs of ram 1050ti 750w EVGA Bronze Power supply. the power supply was an upgrade after assuming the issue was that, it still restarts with the...