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  1. J

    [SOLVED] PC restarting posible CPU ovetheating or weak PSU?

    my pc spec: r9 285 2gb i5 3570 ram 6gb psu some random Zito 500w psu i asume thats some 10-15$ psu monitor 1680 so when i play some more intense games like Kingdom Come Deliverance, BF4 etc. when pc cpu temperature reaches around 70 after 2 min or so after it reached that temp my pc restarts...
  2. L

    Question PC boots for a fraction of a second and then shuts down and attempts to restart it self in a loop

    UPDATE: I have mounted my old psu again and it booted up as it used to, I tried to put it on load to see if it will crash again and it did, so this tells me that psu is not powerful enough anymore to give high loads of power, also I have noticed in bios the the power it reads is 1.112W...
  3. Smokey-

    Question My new computer keeps turning off then turning right back on again! Please help!

    Hi, I just recently built a new computer and after about the first week of using it, it started randomly restarting. It would completely shut off, then turn itself back on within about a second. I noticed that it happens mostly while playing games, but sometimes it will do it even if I'm...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Why monitor goes to sleep during PC restart?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing OK. I have a question about my monitor going to sleep during reboot, no POST screen is shown, monitor then displays logon screen when reboot finished. I have a brand new Phillips 27 inch 4KUHD, Model: 276E8V, monitor. I am running Win 10-64 Home on a MSI A88XM...
  5. fueled_by_ram3n

    Question Start up problem

    When i turn on my PC, hsf and gpu fans are working but no display. I waited for 3-5 mins then it turned off. After that, i try turning it on again and still has no display but this time it didnt turn off. I tried removing my gpu and reconnect the power suppy connection on my board. I also tried...
  6. J

    PC keep turning on itself, but rarely turning on on purpose

    I had just bought a new pc. Sometimes it can turn on but most time it can't. Here are the specs: -CPU: i5 6400 -GPU: Colorful gtx 1050 -Ram: 2x4 gb at different clockspeed Motherboard: Asus H170 Plus D3 PSU: Dazumba 600w 80+ bronze HDD: WD 500gb A few daus ago i had a different PSU. And it had...
  7. C

    video card problem. gtx 780 zotac amp.

    my video card is not appearing in device manager and nvidia driver not detecting it. but its displaying as standard graphics. it has 6 pin and 8 pin but its connected in psu. what seems to be the problem? my psu? or vcard problem? CPU SPECS: i7 3770 8gb ram psu 800w with 12v 24amps and 12v 21...
  8. L

    Deciding on a monitor

    I'm trying to decide on a monitor to get for an upgrade. i really want to get a 27" with 144hz so i can get above 60fps in certain games like cs:go. i would also like a monitor with at least 1440p resolution. My current problem is whether or not to get one with G-Sync. My main choices are the...
  9. G

    can my pc run dying light?

    System requirement labs says no, but id like a second opinion. Heres the specs: Processor AMD A8-5545M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics Video Card AMD Radeon(TM) HD 8510G Memory 7.4 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10240), 64-bit
  10. S

    Changing intel stock thermal paste after 1 year

    Hey,I am using i5 4460 and have stock intel cooling solution and using preapplied.It's been 1 year since I started using this and I have my hands on arctic silver 5 for a long time but havent used cause I am satisfied with temperatures.Atm at idle I can get 25-28 and 45-55 to 60 MAX(using in...
  11. T

    the vaio laptop gets stuck on start up page

    I was using my laptop as usual, when it suddenly hanged. As I was in a hurry I forced shut it. When I restarted it, it wouldn't go past the start up screen. Tried the windows repair mode, but it would remain stuck at the blue welcome page. What could be the issue?