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  1. S

    Question help with best ram for my setup

    Hello! I currently have 16 gigs of ram but want to go to 32. I have 2 ram slots available. money isnt really an issue, I want whatever my pc can handle and the best thats available for my setup but I dont really know what Im doing .(my x helped me set up my pc) Heres a pic of my entire pc setup...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] SSD not appearing in Windows 10 setup on Fresh PC

    Hello, a PC my friend and I have built will not display the SSD in the list of drives available for installing windows (the only drive that appears is 2.0mb and not available for installing windows to). We have tried getting drivers onto the USB but that has been no use as the drivers wont...
  3. D

    Question CAD/Rendering Budget Workstation.

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if you all could help me, My current PC is on its way out and i need to build a (Budget) new one. However i have matured from gaming PC's and need a Workstation PC (Gaming PC's are all i really know about). So i'm an architect and i use the following programs on the...
  4. M

    burned transistor in my g.c

    Hi guys i have a burned smd transistor in my gtx 770 , so anyone can help me to know his smd code to replace it Thanks
  5. T

    Can wake up from sleep inspiron 15 5559

    Hello, So i have a problem with my laptop dell inspiron 15 5559. It cant wake up from sleep. If I close the screen or push the power button it normally goes to sleep mode, but when I try to power it on again tge screen gets white with stripes for about a second and goes dark again. It happend a...
  6. M

    External WD HDD clicking sound, unable to see drive in computer but appears in device manager and disk mgt

    Hi, Recently, I made a mistake by unplugging my WD external hard disk while my Windows was rebooting. 1. Now, when I plug in my HDD, it will make a clicking sound (for about 30 clicks) before it turned quiet (with lights still blinking away). 2. The HDD is not appearing in My Computer. 3...
  7. R

    My asus x553m gets started and shows the asus logo but afterwards blanks up......fn keys are on but nothing happens....

    Every thing is black but the curser in on the screen...it is visible and movable
  8. L

    Can I run Gta 5 on high settings

    Dell Inspiron 5567. 7th gen Intel Core i7 7500u 3.10 ghz,Amd Radeon r7 m445,1tb hard drive
  9. joe28gamerz

    Dual monitor query

    Is there anyway around stopping my game monitor from minimizing when using windows on the other screen? Thanks guys any help would be great !