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    Question PC shuts down after first boot, works fine after second

    Hello, today i put together my Gaming PC. When i try to turn it on, it works for about 5sec then turns off. After turning off, it automaticly starts for second time and then it works fine. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? The parts are: MSI MEG Z490 Ace 32GB G.Skill Triden Z Neo...
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    [SOLVED] Computer turn off after few minutes. Tried everything still doesn't work.

    Hello all, My pc is quite old (around 5 yrs) but I dusting regularly. I encounter weird problem since last 3 days. After I booting up my pc, it suddenly turn off after few minutes. Then I turn it on after 1-2 min, again It turn off. (quicker this time like it might heated up). As I suspect...