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  1. D

    Question PC shuts down after first boot, works fine after second

    Hello, today i put together my Gaming PC. When i try to turn it on, it works for about 5sec then turns off. After turning off, it automaticly starts for second time and then it works fine. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? The parts are: MSI MEG Z490 Ace 32GB G.Skill Triden Z Neo...
  2. lelanka

    Question Why is my PC shutting down when I *just* start a game?

    At first I thought it's only a Witcher 3 problem. I played the game for a bit (on high) and the boom, PC shuts down and restarts automatically as if my graphic card got overheated (but it didn't). I tried low settings, it worked for a bit, so I put it back to high, same problem happened again...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] PC Shuts down (while gaming) after GPU upgrade

    Hey. My PC randomly shuts down while gaming. I bet my PSU can't handle the new GPU. (I had a 970, recently got a 1080ti) My PSU is quite old and I'm running a lot of stuff of it. Two screens, 3 storage drives, a sound card, and a huge CPU cooler. I know I have to upgrade my Thermaltake SE 530W...
  4. R

    Question PC randomly shutting down

    My computer randomly will shut down. Sometimes it reboots and just the fans spin on high, other times it will not do anything and the only way I resolve it is by turning the PSU off and turning it back on. This issue happens no matter what im doing, it isnt triggered by gaming because it happens...
  5. D

    Custom built PC

    I want windows as my OS, but I have never built my own PC before. I'm confused about what I should be buying for my OS. Do I have to buy it directly from the microsoft store? I want to buy it off Amazon for cheaper. Also, can I put it in a USB instead of using the disc?