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  1. I

    Question what will happen if you upgrade your motherboard

    hi, my question is very simple so I have a Gigabyte a320m s2h motherboard and I want to upgrade to b450 motherboard, and I have a problem which is when I plug in my two monitors it works for a bet then the PC goes down, so is this upgrade will solve my problem. Ryzen 5 1600 Evga 600w BR (7...
  2. darkhasi

    Question Randomly My PC turn off after about 30 minutes

    Ok here is the problem. My PC just turn off like a power cut like after 30 minutes. And if I turn it on immediately it turns off in 1 minute. But If I wait for like 10 minutes and then I turn on my PC it stays for 30 mins max and turn off. I checked the RAM, PSU, VGA and I don't have a way to...