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  1. Airwizwoz

    Question PC turns off when i plug more than one display into my GPU ?

    I've been using two monitors for a while, both are older monitors that only support vga so i used hdmi/dp to vga adapters to get them to work, but a few weeks ago my dp stopped working, im not sure if its the adapter or the actual port, so i bought a new adapter, this time dvi to vga, but now...
  2. E

    Question Computer momentarily turns off before turning on normally

    I have this problem with my Desktop PC since past 3 years when I replaced my faulty PSU with Corsair VS550 back in 2017. Everything was perfect before that with the previous PSU. Since then, every time I turn my PC ON, the front LED light turns ON, CPU and PSU fans etc. start rotating AND then...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Brand New Gaming PC Turns on for 3 sec, then off, the back on just fine!?! PLEASE HELP!!

    So just about 2 weeks ago I built my first Gaming PC. Everything went surprisingly fine with no issues. Or so I thought! I noticed every once in a while the computer would turn on, off, then on again when being initially booted up. At first, I thought it was random and tried to replicate the...
  4. Z

    My Speed Tests are great but file uploading is beyond awful in reality: Youtube and Live Streaming just make me want to cry.

    This is my Speedtest, I have contracted a 60mbps connection with Movistar (peruvian ISP). I want to use my connection for livestreaming to Twitch.tv and uploading gameplay videos to Youtube, however, when I try to do so, the speeds you see in that picture come nowhere near reality. It takes...
  5. D

    Monitor for console and PC gaming

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a high end gaming monitor both my Xbox One and PC, I currently have a BenQ XL2720z which is amazing however the colours just aren't what I would like considering the price. I've been looking at the Asus MG279Q which ticks most of the boxes for gaming and...
  6. surihtanil

    i7-4790K Haswell vs A10-7850K Kaveri

    Which would you pick? This is for gaming, high-end gaming, as well video editing. The M/B will be Republic of Gaming for either board. The GPU R9 285, 16GB Ram, SSD, Full Tower(good cooling) monitor uncertain, probably larger than 22". I am pretty sure its the i7 and its night and day, but...