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    Question how easily compatible are pc cases

    My pc is a dell optipex 7010 dt . It comes in a low profile case and I found out that it only has a 50 watt gpu slot. As the gpus I want to use require more power than that I would like one with a 6 pin connector. The only problem is that lp cards don't come with these. So I am wondering how...
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    Question Will this power supply fit in my case?

    So im looking for a PC upgrade, but to upgrade my GPU i've decided that i need a PSU upgrade. (current GPU GTX 1050 TI and i want to upgrade to AMD RX 570/580/590 i still cant decide). I have a Asus prime B250M-K MicroATX motherboard and my current PSU is CHIEFTEC ATX 2.3 500W PFC 80+ GPA-500S8...