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    Question Upgrading my gaming PC

    hello guys i want to upgrade my PC but i don't know what should i upgrade , and if i upgrade something will the PSU keep up ? my budget for the upgrade : around 500$ i mainly use the pc for gaming but i want the pc to be capable of handling the designing software to acceptable point . the...
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    [SOLVED] What upgrades should I make to this PC ?

    I want to donate my old PC to a local Orphanage what upgrades can I make? Specs - AMD athlon 2 x2 245 dual core Windows 7 (please suggest a Linux based lite OS too) Power supply 250W 100-127 2GB DDR3 1333 APACERUNB MCP61P NVIDIA 2 DIM GBLA (NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS LOL)
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    [SOLVED] What will be the ideal gpu for my pc?

    Hey guys i have a really old pc im planning to upgrade it by getting a used or new graphic card and it would be great if you also suggest me other components i should get as i am trying to install windows 10. my pc spec; CPU: Intel Pentium E5400 Ram: DR2 4Gb 800Mhz HDD: 500Gb OS: Windows 7...
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    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade aging PC

    I have had my PC for almost 7 years now and it has been holding up... for the most part. I have been playing most games on medium to low settings and for newer titles, I have been forced to scale down my resolution to 1280 x 720. In games such as CS:GO I can consistently get around 120 fps on...
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    [SOLVED] Need help to decide build

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Core i5 4440 and GTX 960. Since I have budget constraint, I would like to have an advice whether to upgrade CPU,MOBO and RAM at first or the GPU. I am considering to have an i5 9400f or AMD Ryzen 5 3500x with 1x 8GB RAM(want to go for 16GB RAM) for first step. But...