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    Question PC sometimes turns on sometimes doesnt

    Hi There, My Pc sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. when the pc is on it works fine! i could play on it for hours! after i shut down if I come back an hour later it wont turn on. I am not sure if its hardware. all motherboards lights are on too but still sometimes wont turn on. Hope to...
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    Question PC won't boot

    Hi Guy's This my first post so I hope the community can help me, apologies for the long story but I've been down a few avenues already. PC specs, built October 2018 Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming mobo R7 2700X GTX1080 EVGA 650W G3 and EVGA 850W G2L 32Gb Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 3200...
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    Avoid the Dark Rock Pro 3 at all costs | My impressions/review of it | Who's it for?

    This weekend was my first attempt at a proper PC build, prior to this I've only ever done graphics cards, drives, new paste on the stock heatsink, cleaning the dust out, that sort of thing. In thenew build I had to replace the motherboard, CPU, heatsink and RAM, all of which were a doddle...
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    Asus p6t Deluxe V2 ECC REG ram

    Hi guys. Does anybody know for sure if the Deluxe V2 with a Xeon x5650 cpu can take ECC REG ram?
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    How does Fibre Optic Internet work?

    I will be installing Fibre Optic internet in my home in a couple of days. I already have Cable TV and DSL internet from another company. The other company said it wouldn't be a problem to have two ISP's in one house and that all I needed was a wall jack. The thing is, now I'm reading that Fibre...