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  1. K

    Question Computer wont start with new GPU

    Just installed a new graphics card (Asus Radeon RX 6800 16gb) and now my computer wont start. It has power; motherboard power indicator lights up, and mouse/keyboard light up (RGB peripherals). When I hit the power button theres a brief "whine" a single beep, then nothing. I put the old card...
  2. Sasa24

    Question Computer wont boot, problem with TPM

    Hi, I bought a new CPU (Ryzen 5 5600x), Motherboard (Asus A320m-k), I updated my bios version to the newest so it can support CPU and pc was booting after that fine it even booted old windows. But I was getting a massage before boot and it was something like this Press Y to reset fTPM, if you...
  3. N

    Question Can someone tell me why this is happening?

    I installed a new motherboard, cpu, and psu. It only boots with my gpu NOT plugged in. And it only boots to bios. I can’t get passed bios and it shows no bootable drives.
  4. djreedj

    Question Why is my pc doing this?

    All of a sudden (pc prob 5-6 years old give it take) during a game (elder scrolls online) after about 5-10 minutes my pc restarts itself and gives me the message “Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. Asus anti surge was triggered to protect system from unstable…”(can’t...
  5. Thyalex

    Question Pc wont boot but Psu isnt dead and Gpu fans spin.

    Helping a friend upgrade his PC with a new Gpu and PSU everything was going fine until we went to boot it and no post. Wierd thing is that the Gpu fans start spinning and also the PSU fans spin but the PC wont boot. The PC we are working on is the NZXT foundation PC.
  6. L

    [SOLVED] PC wont boot need help tried everything

    Hi i built a PC a month ago and 2 days ago i shut it down and left when i started it again it went into BIOS and has failed to boot into windows since, it gets stuck on the gigabyte logo , i have tried enabling csm, fast boot disabled, resetting CMOS multiple times, tried booting with one ram...
  7. mlnkskn

    Question PC suddenly freezes then won't boot ?

    Hi! I got a new case and installed everything from my previous one to the new one. First day it was all good, pc was working fine, but after that i was playing GTA V and computer froze, also a blue screen was shown on the monitor. After that i turned off my pc and when i tried to turn it on it...
  8. BackdadSchuh

    Question After turning off PC and coming Back it won't start

    Hi everyone, so a week ago I got myself a new Motherboard the MSI B450 Mortar MAX and everything was fine until yesterday, I went out and turned my PC off just to come back to it not turning on. CPU:Ryzen 5 2600x Motherboard:MSI B450 Mortar Max Ram: 2x8 Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G32C16U4B 3200...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] [Help] Constant power issues with System, Exhausted many possibilities, one problem leads to another.

    I'm At my Wits end, getting various issues with my computer and I've exhausted so many possibilities and options, any help would be greatly appreciated. (Computer Specs at Bottom) The problem: 1. [1st Issue,(Symptoms from 2 weeks ago)] My Computer, on a UPS, Could not power on only at my...
  10. KamiKam

    Question PC won’t turn on after being turned off through “Shut Down” (but wait, there’s more…)

    Hi! First time poster here and I’m desperate. Let’s start with the specs: -16GB of RAM (T-Force brand) -GTX GEFORCE 1660 GPU -AMD Ryzen 7 3700 -BF 450 ASUS Motherboard -Not sure about the PSU, honestly. Might be an Azza 650W This is a custom pc built around August 2020 with brand new parts...
  11. Pag978

    Pc won’t boot anymore. Ez debug lights are on HELP

    Last night I was playing games for 6-7 hours and my keyboard and mouse randomly lost connection and the display was gone. My fans were still spinning and GPU was on but the display wasn’t working and the power button wasn’t working either. So I unplugged the pc and tried turning it on and when...
  12. A

    My pc won't turn on after i took it out of my case for cleaning. then when i put it back in it would'nt turn on.

    Specs Asus h81m-c motherboard i5 4460 intel processor Asus 1060 gtx graphics card 550-watt power supply corsair 16 gigs of ram 1 terabyte disk Problem My problem is that my pc won't turn on. this occurred to me after I switched my thermal paste. I have a quite old pc around 5-6 years. so I...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Basically brand new pc in boot loop?

    Okay so everything in my system is brand new parts now except for my gigabyte auros extreme 1080ti, samsung evo 850 ssd, and my 1tb western digital hard disk drive. New parts include -z390 aorus pro wifi motherboard -evga supernove 850 w 80plus gold -2 corsair vengeance 8gb ram sticks -corsair...

    Question Pc won't boot, no POST

    Hey, forum I was just casually playing a game on my pc today, nothing interesting really. But then my pc lost power randomly and bricked. Before that I kept looking at voltage and temperatures - they were okay. No overvoltage, no overheat. Cpu runs at 65° max, GPU at 50-60° at 70% fan speed...
  15. raniah

    [SOLVED] new built pc won’t post :(

    hi everyone, i thought i’d come and post here since i am well and truly stumped. i finished building my pc and go to turn it on and it shows no signal to the monitor. the fans did light up and spin, the rgb ram also lit up and none of the error code led’s stayed lit up on the motherboard. i...
  16. W

    [SOLVED] New Computer Won't Boot

    Hey, so I am building a new computer for my mother to replace her old laptop. I believe I have done everything correctly and when I plug it in, the LED power light to the case is on but the PC itself will not turn on. I have checked the motherboard and case manual to check the diagrams for the...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] Pc stopped booting all of a sudden.

    Hi. I was using my computer normally when i got a notification that power surge detected and that the USB wasnt getting enough power. I turned it off and tried to restart it but i get a American Megatrends screen. The is a bunch of information there like the devices connected etc. I searched...
  18. hj41612

    [SOLVED] Is my graphics card dead?

    Hi Im very new to pc building and I built my first pc in June. My PC was working fine but yesterday it suddenly shut down and it wont start back up again. Before I go into more detail here are my parts: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (14nm) 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard: ASRock B450M PRO4 Micro...
  19. C

    Question My pc wont boot

    Just started my pc for the first time in almost 4 months and it booted perfectly fine, yet when i started it again the nixt day it didn’t, tryed the Mobo mimory it wasent it, so i took it the shop who narrowed it down to the cbu and the motherboard but he says its the motherboard how would i...
  20. karsonforster

    Question pc not booting

    First off my parts are as follows CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x GPU - RX 5700 XT Thicc III MOBO - MSI B450 Tomahawk RAM - Corsair Vengeance 3200 All of my parts are getting power but my pc still won’t boot. I know it’s not graphics card because I swapped the graphics card to my old one and it didn’t...
  21. swib

    [SOLVED] Pc won’t boot need help

    So I’ve been using this really good pc for a while and yesterday it suddenly stopped working. I have a I9-9900k cpu, 2080 ti, and a rog strix z390 e gaming motherboard. I was gaming when it crashed so I turned it off and back on but it wouldn’t turn on. There was a continuous red light next to...
  22. C

    Question *URGENT* PC Won’t Boot

    Hi all. Building a new PC which wouldn’t boot. I’ve isolated the problem and it’s the Graphics Card. Without that in, the PC boots fine. When I put it in, it doesn’t boot at all. however, I’ve tried the graphics card in my personal system with an 850w power supply and it works no problem...
  23. Manu9830

    Question Help! Mobo lights turn on and off, fans donts spin, no boot

    Hi, Im having some trouble with my Pc. Some days I ago my pc wouldnt turn on, but with the pc off and the psu switch on, the fans would turn on and off every 2 seconds, and the lights of the motherboard would do the same. I took it to a technician who told me it was a bad gpu problem. Fair...
  24. F

    Question Is my CPU broken?

    My PSU had a power surge or short-circuited because it fried my motherboard and PSU. I recently bought these parts and swapped out the defected ones for new ones but it doesn't boot. It turns on for half a second then turns off. The Mobo lights turn on and the orange LED turns on which means...
  25. skeet34

    [SOLVED] PC fails to boot after CPU swap

    I built my gaming PC about a year ago and it has been working great. I recently purchased a HP Omen gaming PC for my son and after ordering a new AIO cooler and some RGB fans, I decided I was going to swap out his i7-8700 for my i7-6700 to get a little CPU boost and a couple more cores (4 to 6)...
  26. C

    Question My PC wont stay on?

    Help please, my friends pc wont stay on? It flashes on for 2 seconds, fans and harddrive start spinning but it instantly turns off. If you hold the power button it stays on but there's no video. It just stays on and doesnt even load to bios. It's not the power supply (i tested it with another...
  27. V

    Question Asus Prime b450 PLUS, 5 error beeps

    Hello guys, since Friday night my PC won't turn on. After a small bump with my foot on the desk, instantly I got a blue screen with a message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL but it wasn't the classic blue screen, I guess Win10 has changed it. Anyway I have unmounted everything except CPU and its cooler...
  28. Nultrix

    Question Computer turns on, but doesn't boot

    Hello there, I had a fully working PC but as soon as I transferred it to a new case, it failed to be able to boot but the motherboard lights would turn on. Nothing else, including the fan. I then took it in to a PC specialist nearby, and they supposedly fixed it. Until I got home and I was...
  29. S

    Question I need help

    Hey so i already had my pc built a couple of months ago but i decided to get a 128 gb m.2 just so i could put a big game on it. But after installing it on my motherboard my pc won’t boot into windows anymore i just sends me into bios and it wont show the original ssd which i had my windows...
  30. R

    Question MSI Z1170A -Powers up, no signal to monitor / debug code '00'

    Hi guys, new poster specs; MSI Z1170A intel i-5 6600K Asus GTX 980 Corsair DDR4 ram Corsair cx750m PSU I recently bought a new case for my PC. I removed all parts from the old case, and inserted them into the new case. When I power on [either from motherboard or from front-end power button]...
  31. J

    Question PC won't boot up to bios and I can't reset the cmos

    Hello there. Recently I bought a bunch of components for a new pc that I built. I slapped it all together everything worked fine. The pc didn't have a gpu so my friend offered me a cheap price on a gpu that he had lying around. I put in my pc; worked great! I play a certain video game where I...
  32. S

    Desktop tune up, is it possible? HP 6305 SFF desktop Mobo AMD A75

    Hello, So I have this older desktop, HP 6305 SFF, for vintage gaming and I want to tune it up a bit. Specs are: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate CPU: AMD A8 5500 Quad-Core CPU @ 3.20ghz Memory: 16GB quad channel RAM (4 x 4GB) Storage: 500GB Hard Drive Optical: DVD-R/RW + Lightscribe Graphics: PNY NVIDIA...
  33. K

    Hang up/ freeze lately

    I was on my pc last night and it was perfectly fine but today I came on, booted up fine and got on for maybe 20 minutes, Youtube slowed down and went to 240p, Then all my internet went off ... Followed by my pc starting to hang up, got slower and slower till the desktop completely died...
  34. S

    graphics card in low

    Hi I have a Intel CORE 2 DUO CPU on a GigabyetG41M Combo M/B with 6 GB ddr2 Ram. Recently my graphic card broke so i'm planning few upgrades. help me in selecting below: Shall I: -go with GT 730 2GB DDR5 OR ANY ANOTHER IN 5000 rupee help plz
  35. Z

    My Speed Tests are great but file uploading is beyond awful in reality: Youtube and Live Streaming just make me want to cry.

    This is my Speedtest, I have contracted a 60mbps connection with Movistar (peruvian ISP). I want to use my connection for livestreaming to Twitch.tv and uploading gameplay videos to Youtube, however, when I try to do so, the speeds you see in that picture come nowhere near reality. It takes...
  36. F

    Motherboard Standoffs Sizes

    Hi Are motherboard standoffs standard in size ? I mean would any standoffs fit any PC case and any motherboard or is there a specific length, diameter or thread specific to each PC case or specific for each motherboard ? If standard, what are these sizes (length, diameter, thread) as I'd...