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    Question New Custom Computer Troubleshooting... Help!

    Hi there, I recently built my first gaming pc, and oh boy its having problems. Whenever I turn it on, it will start booting up, and make it to the lock screen. Then it will shut down immediately. The weird thing here is that about 95% of the times I turn it on, it will not make it past the...
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    Question ASUS ROG Freezing at any POST point

    Hello! I have been with this problem for a while (I will tell the whole story below for further information, might be helpful), In resume, my laptop freezes at every attempt of booting, here is a picture pc freezing at logo screen (It's in spanish, that means 'preparing automatic repair'. I...
  3. Cartifact

    [SOLVED] Pc turns on for 10 seconds then turns off

    Hi everybody, thanks for the help in advance I really appreciate it. Anyway, I bought a few new parts and a new case to put my pc in(will provide info below) and spent ages building it. So I plug it in and turn it on and the computer starts running perfectly for 10 seconds and then the fans...
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    GTX 1050 vs RX 460?

    What is the best? Thx