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    [SOLVED] Need help to identify the TVS Diode - Samsung EVO 850

    So I've been a major idiot and did this: http://www.hddoracle.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2545 I used a Corsair PSU cable on a Seasonic Power Supply and very likely caused a short circuit on my SSD (Samsung EVO 850 500GB). This was the only peripheral connected to the "wrong" cable and caused the...
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    Metal shavings size of sand grains from stripped screw possibly on laptop PCB - Generally not an issue?

    I was in a situation where I was trying to tighten a stripped screw with some tweezers and got some shavings on the PCB. I quickly used compressed air to blow it away, but I didn't double check and am not 100% if some shavings blew somewhere else on the PCB or not. I don't want to open up my...
  3. A

    Question Corsair M65 Mouse PCB help

    So i tried to replace left click switch on my mouse and ended up completely busting all three solder pads for the switch. I need help identifying where i can alternatively solder wires to these switch’s three pins
  4. Question Need advice on repairing "Game Call" device

    Good day, My friends late father's "Game Call" device has recently stop working. It takes 4 AA batteries but switching them to 9v we got some sound but it didn't last long before shutting off again. After taking the board apart I complete stump on why it won't turn on, I even put power directly...
  5. happyhippo2021

    Question Bad Experience HDD-Parts.com

    Upon reading through this board I saw hdd-parts.com being recommended several times. So I decided to send them my PCB to swap the BIOS IC onto a new PCB. I filled in the online questionnaire with all the information about my hard drive and PCB and they told me to send the board to them. Now...
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    [SOLVED] Piece of metal on the PCB of my NVME came off

    Hi, I recieved 2 NVME drives from a friend, when I came to install them I realised that I was missing some stand off screws so I ordered some from online. The screw heads on these screws seemed quite big however they fit although when installing one drive the screw head knocked one of the metal...
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    [SOLVED] GPU possibly fried

    I recently bought a used PC on ebay that i7 9700k 32gb ram and a 1080ti aorus gigabyte. I got the pc for 800 euro so i was over the moon i ran some stress test(3d mark) played some games and it was working great. Two days after i bought it my pc randomly shut off after i restarted and my gpu...
  8. _liam_

    [SOLVED] Scratches on front and back of new motherboard. What should I do?

    I just got a motherboard from Newegg, and when further inspecting, I noticed scratches on the front and back. Here are some videos of them: I can add photos, as well, if needed. I know traces can be damaged this way, but I can't tell how bad it actually is. There's also some white...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Broken PCB Switch electronic trace

    Hello, today I changed a broken switch, at the moment I was changing it, i didn't have a desolder pump so to get the switch loose I used the solder tip and pushed towards the pcb, that ended badly, two small copper circles came out of the holes where the switch contacts should be soldered and...
  10. D

    Question 2080 ti hydro copper water on pcb from shipping

    Hey everyone! I have an issue that I am hoping I can get some insight/advice on. I recently purchased a 2080 ti hydro copper second hand. The card landed today and upon opening the package I saw there was water in the box. Closer inspection revealed water had leaked from the outlet ports not...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] PCB board replaced, still no success

    Hi everyone! A couple of months ago i accidentaly used the wrong sata power cable from my power supply and my harddrive turned up dead. I did my research and bought a new PCB, swapped it out including the bios-chip, the drive now spins just fine but I still can’t find the drive in windows at...
  12. V

    Question Seagate SSHD PCB burned?

    hi, i have a SSHD from Seagate and it's been 2 years since i bought it, now it doesn't appear in any bios or disk management from windows, it appears to trigger an error on it, the disk sounds like it's running tho. what should i do... should i try to repair it removing/replacing the diode...
  13. Paintthinner

    Question 1080 ti GPU Repair/Fix/Help :)

    Hi guys and gals I am kinda new to this so I thought I'd ask opinions first, I recently acquired a nivida gpu (I assume palit by the power layout) however I have no idea what the card is Looking at the ram slots I am guessing a 1080 11gb however I am not sure on where to start the repair (if...
  14. Build Advice Failed installing Hyper212 Evo without standoffs and backplate

    WIP Installing Master Cooler Hyper 212 EVO LED on AMD4 processor(RyZen 5 2600) missing standoffs and backplate I ordered a second hand tower cooler, expecting to easily find any missing parts. The main plus of the listing was the bracket included. WARNING! Different backplate may require...
  15. G

    Question Is PCB replacement going to work if the drive is detected?

    I wan to check if it's possible to fix my drive by replacing the PCB. It's a Seagate ST1000LM035 and it's actually an external harddrive (Seagate Expansion). When I plug it in to my Linux Laptop, using USB, it says like this in dmesg [16433.285102] usb 2-2: new high-speed USB device number 14...
  16. [SOLVED] What are those white stains on the back of this GPU?

    I've got this used GPU which has some white stains on its back. What are those? I've searched the web and from what I understand they could be flux residues but I'm not sure. Any other idea? Looks like this GPU was removed from a working PC and it was still functioning when it was removed. Then...
  17. N

    Question Missing component (Transistor?)

    Hey guys, so I have a Sapphire Radeon RX 570 ITX 4GB and i took it off to clean some of the dust from the fan. When i put it back, the buzzer made 1 long and 3 short beeps and the display had the NO SIGNAL message. I tried taking off the RAM, cleaning everything, taking the power cord out and...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] HDD PCB swap mystery

    Hi all, First off, I'm new to these forums, so I apologise if this thread is in the wrong place. A while ago I took my two 500gb Hitachi Deskstar HDDs out of an old PC and was using them externally via a dock when I absentmindedly connected the wrong power supply to the dock and ended up...
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Custom Motherboard PCBA

    Hello everybody Please i'm wondering, what can be plugged in this type of hubs ? And where can this motherboard be used for ? images : https://ibb.co/rMqDY6R https://ibb.co/7j6Gnjz
  20. Question Can this iPhone be repaired?

    (Yellow circle) This is my iphone 6. I understand that this is the main pcb logic board. The best picture I could get of the small detail area of suspicion. I've done many repairs to this phone and this was just another repair in which I check that all visible screws are tight before I button...
  21. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Need Help with an Arduino/Raspberry Pi project

    Hello guys , I had an idea of making something like a box (as a gift) with a screen inside that plays a video on loop Details of the project: I want to make something that looks like a gift box and when you remove the top there is a screen inside . The screen can be turned on and of via an...
  22. Safarcikm

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1080ti - Just got scamed, burnt parts (Can it be FIXED?)

    Hello, so I just bought used Asus GTX 1080ti Turbo, claimed to be fully functional... Well after recieving package, I´ve decided to clean cooler and found on PCB burnt parts. I haven´t try to plug the card yet so maybe it still works just not with all memory or Idk (probably not). Well the...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Hard Drive spins after PCB replacement but is not recognized

    So after a faulty PSU killed my hard drive a couple of years ago, I knew it was a PCB failure, I recently ordered a matching PCB and replaced the BIOS chip. As the hard drive spun I was excited for it to open, but it never did. It shows up on device manager but the gives error code 10, it also...
  24. N

    Question Mechanical Keyboard stopped working all of a sudden??

    So the only keys that work are the space key along with the right shift button and the ? button. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling but am pretty sure it's a hardware problem. I took apart the keyboard to see if there were any obstructions on the PCB but everything looks fine. When I test it...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Discovered a burnt spot on Seagate 2TB Barracuda.

    Hey guys! So sometime back my mobo died and i decided to sell off my other parts before attempting another fresh build. After disassembling, I discovered the drive I used for storage has a burnt spot. Image: View: https://imgur.com/a/tAAJWvC I don't know how old or how long ago this was...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] If these are both the exact same model of GPUs, (RTX 2060s) then how can one be physically bigger? (On the inside)

    Compare these 2 GPUs. One is a "Mini" and the other is a "3-Fan" https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2060-gv-n2060ixoc-6gd/p/N82E16814932117...
  27. darknightbacca1

    Question My GTX 1060 is having sluggish framerate issues

    𝐂𝐏𝐔 : 𝐑𝐲𝐳𝐞𝐧 𝟕 𝟐𝟕𝟎𝟎𝐱 𝐑𝐀𝐌 : 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐫 𝐕𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐃𝐃𝐑𝟒 2x4GB 𝟐𝟒𝟎𝟎𝐌𝐡𝐳 𝐆𝐏𝐔 (𝐆𝐓𝐗 𝟏𝟎𝟔𝟎 𝟔𝐆𝐁) 𝐏𝐒𝐔 (RM550x Gold) 𝐌𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐚𝐫𝐝 (𝐀𝐬𝐮𝐬 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐁𝟒𝟓𝟎-𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐒) Hi i've been experiencing issues with sluggish framerates, high or low dosen't matter my frames jump from fluid and smooth to slowed and sluggish randomly...
  28. 3

    [SOLVED] GPU dies under load, no signal to monitor but PC remains on.

    The graphics card in question is an MSI GTX 970 Gaming. Bought used for parts and not working. The seller said the card had occasional problems posting and would restart the PC after a certain time (1-30 minutes). Now the card is in my system I'm having an entirely different problem and I could...
  29. M

    Question EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 PCB

    Hello, i have a problem with my power supply, i want a high definition photo of the back side of the pcb. A resistor broke and i want to replace it myself. The resistor is R322 and i cannot seem to find any good photos of the pcb to order and replace the resistor. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  30. L

    [SOLVED] Broken gpu pcb

    Hi. A few days ago a friend of mine wanted to change its motherboard and when taking the gpu out he pulled to hard and hit one of the square black things from the back of the pcb with the cpu cooler. The black thing is still on the gpu it didn't fell off. His graphics card is a gtx 1660 ti from...
  31. F

    Question 2080 ti custom AIO cooling project

    Hi everyone I'm a owner of a 2080 ti FE. It's a good card but I want improuve : Noise Temps Performances So I was thinking about a project and I was wondering if is too mad (or stupid) or if is moreless sensed and safe I'm planning to buy a kraken g12 (should be compatible with a 2080 ti) and...
  32. Andyus86

    Question Vega 56 nano PCB thermal pad

    Hello, tomorrow i will get a sapphire Vega 56 pulse and i'm figuring how to optimize overvall temperature, expecially VRM one. A guy suggested me to buy thermal pads, so i bought some with 3mm thinkness. I want to be sure to know the best spot where to apply then, he said in the rear card...
  33. weztmarch

    [SOLVED] Damaged my 8700K PCB/top substrate, please advise!

    I delidded my 8700K several months ago and relidded it with glue. I damaged it today opening it back up when I took a chunk out of the substrate/PCB in the corner beneath the IHS. It is working as of this moment. I am using it to type this up, however do you think it will fail on me soon? I...
  34. hubabuba100

    Question Can a graphics card work without a memory chip

    I have a R9 390 8GB video card. It was very cheap, because it was not tested before. When I powered on the PC with the graphics card, the screen have straight lines. When I took it apart, I saw that one memory chip is missing. I contacted with a BGA reballer, and He said that is unrepairable...
  35. L

    Question Unknown part fell off GPU

    So I was installing an NZXT G12 onto my Titan X Maxwell and this unknown piece popped of the card, card still works but I would like to know when this piece is for. Any info helps. I will add a link to the IMGUR with the picture of the piece. Thanks. Picture of part
  36. L

    [SOLVED] graphics card pcb component

    Hello everyone so today i bought for pretty cheap a broken graphics card, more exactly a rx 470 platinum edition. I came across a weird component i know nothing about on the back of the pcb. I want to try to repair the gpu even tough i don't know much about that so i opened it up and the most...
  37. C

    Question Computer Not Booting Up

    I built my first pc and it isn't booting up. The only things that are working are the rgb on the motherboard, the graphics card, and the power supply. Nothing else seems to be working. It also says no signal on the monitor. Here are my specs View: https://imgur.com/95tvILR