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    Question Pc broke, what is wrong? (Fixed)

    So a couple days ago my mouse broke and since I had no spares my pc was turned off for like four days (plug socket off as well) when I got a new mouse and tried to turn it on again my monitor detected the hdmi signal but only showed a black screen with a small white rectangle towards the upper...
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    [SOLVED] Whice on of these PCs are the best?

    I am going to buy a new computer and I have looked into building one myself or buying a pre-built one. I don't know much about parts but my budget is 2500, and I am trying to get both an i9-9900k and a 2080 ti. I also played around with the cyber power configuration, but I don't know much about...
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    Question Building a Gaming PC`

    It's my first time building a gaming PC from scratch and I'm not 100% sure whether I have included all the components, could someone please check that I have everything needed for a gaming PC. So far I have got a CPU, GPU, Motherboard, HDD, SSD, RAM memory, power supply and a case with...
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    Question My PC Build; what should I get?

    So I am upgrading the main components of my Gaming PC which I originally built 2 and a half years ago. I was wondering what you guys think about this build, mainly about the bottleneck potential between the CPU and GPU. I was considering a 2070 instead but it seemed that the CPU would...
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    Build Advice Checking For Compability Errors

    Hello Everyone, I'm curious to how to check for compatibility issues that are not going to be caught by Pcpartpicker or other similar websites for things such as part length and dimensions and the placement of parts. I know parts do come with their measurement sizes as well as the pc case...