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  1. A

    Question PC black screens and fans go full speed while gaming ?

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  2. XorX_In

    Question My games keep crashing while playing but I get no error codes ?

    The specs of my pc is : amd 5 5600x inno3d rtx 3060 two xpg 8gb 3200mhz rams and a gigabyte b450 motherboard and a 650 watt smps i have tried many troubleshoots but the problem doesnt seem to budge. ihope you guys can help me out.
  3. Rudro_1

    [SOLVED] My pc is crashing all the time PLS HELP

    I have a Dell G5 RTX 2060 VERSION.My pc keeps crashing even though everything is updated.When I opened pubg lite that was an error saying I have ran out of memory or something.I don't understand I have more than enough space on my HDD and ssd and my have dual channel ram.On top of that Google...
  4. A

    Question Pc broke, what is wrong? (Fixed)

    So a couple days ago my mouse broke and since I had no spares my pc was turned off for like four days (plug socket off as well) when I got a new mouse and tried to turn it on again my monitor detected the hdmi signal but only showed a black screen with a small white rectangle towards the upper...
  5. U

    Question My computer recently started to crash more and more often whilst displaying a weird pattern of pixels

    My PC: i7-8700k Asus Strix Gtx 1080ti z370p-d3 16 gb RAM ddr4 2tb Barracuda 7200rpm Noctua nh-d14 (I want to mention beforehand that the case I am using is full of pc vents, 3x Be Quiet Pure Wings2 140mm and a 120mm Nzxt Case Vent) -Hello fellows! A week ago I put together the pc mentioned...