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  1. nicoenbrrr

    Question Ez debug white vga led

    Hi guys my computer worked perfectly 2 years In the time I nedeed just to change my dead ram and its worked good again like before, today I wanted to turn on my computer and for the first time I got a white vga led can someone help me please Motherboard A320M PRO-E Cpu amd ryzen 2600 Gpu rtx...
  2. XorX_In

    Question My games keep crashing while playing but I get no error codes ?

    The specs of my pc is : amd 5 5600x inno3d rtx 3060 two xpg 8gb 3200mhz rams and a gigabyte b450 motherboard and a 650 watt smps i have tried many troubleshoots but the problem doesnt seem to budge. ihope you guys can help me out.
  3. Imaudros

    Question My pc has no internet and sound.

    Hey everyone so today I got home from work and I tried to play some games. Whilst my pc booted to it's desktop there was no ethernet and no sound. I checked and checked the problem but couldn't acknowledge it. I tried rebooting, clearing my cmos, and more. I checked my headset and ethernet...
  4. Zeyon

    Question Just pilled like a mouthful of gatorade on my pc and it shut off

    Hi as u can see from the title, ues im careless i know please im. ot the most affluent or anything and it hapenned like 20 mons ago and im freaking out what do i do i turned it upside down and let it drain out and im leaving it theree now tp dry tomorrow im going to clean the motherboard which...
  5. Vik102

    [SOLVED] PC stuck on a turn on then turn off after 3sec loop.

    So my PC started doing this from nowhere i put it to sleep and it kept turning on and i couldn't be asked to turn it off and after a bit it started doing this. I've tried to pinpoint the issue but I'm not 100% sure, I've disconnected all ram put 1 in still didn't work same with my SSD and hdd it...
  6. F

    Question keyboard not working

    I have a problem , my keyboard is working in my pc perfectly fine . when i plug it in to any other pc it wont even power on . iv had it plugged into 4 different computers and it only works in my pc . I have done all drivers and tried all usb ports (the usual cause of problem) it just looks like...