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    Question Passive GPU on PCH x4

    Some years ago I have built a fanless configuration, including NOFAN cr-95 cooler and NOFAN Micro ATX case (CS-60). After several upgrades current configuration includes i7-8700 CPU and MSI MAG Z390M Mortar motherboard. Recently I've got a new screen ASUS VG289Q. I noticed that when I run it in...
  2. N

    Question Motherboard and PCH Temperature

    Hi everyone, Recently playing around with fan curves due to loud case fans. Just wondering what acceptable temps for the motherboard and PCH are. If I google it I can get so many different answers so thought I would ask here. I'm monitoring my temps using AI Suite 3 and can see my motherboard...
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    Question Intel Z370 PCI/PCH Lanes

    I have a Gigabyte Z370XP SLI motherboard that I’m looking to add some hardware to but I’m not sure if it has enough PCI/PCH lanes to handle it all. I’m looking at potentially adding a SATA card so that I can fit an extra two drives which will use a PCIe x1 slot. I looked through the manual...
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    [SOLVED] Install NIC in processor lane or PCH lane?

    Hi all I have a Dell T20 server and I have just bought another NIC that I'm going to install. Looking at the lane setup in the manual page 45, I don't know if there would be any detriment to installing the NIC in slot 4 which is connected to the PCH rather than in slot 1 which is connected to...
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    Question PCH temperature

    Hello! I recently bought a MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE motherboard, and i'm pretty happy with it, the only issue i'm having is that my PCH/Motherboard chipset is at pretty high temperatures. I saw now that my GPU is literally covering the chipset on the motherboard, is there any way i could resolve...
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    Ps3 hard drive swap.

    Hey, guys. My Ps3 died, (some problem with the motherboard) but i still got the working hdd. I was thinking about to buy a used ps3 with a broken laser and replace it with my one in the ps3. But my question is: how can i swap the hdd and keep the games dlc's and stuff like that. Because i...