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  1. T

    Question No Signal on Monitor (New PC)

    Hello. Yesterday I built a PC with a family member (who has had experience with this stuff before), and everything went well until we tried to boot up the PC to set up the BIOS. When we turned it on, the fans were running and the PC itself turned on, but when we turned on the monitor we got a...
  2. Danwatts85

    Question Am I being dumb or is this a strange issue?

    Hi guys So I’ve built a new system, it’s been a pain in the ass. It previously randomly rebooted with no blue screen or anything it just straight up restarted. I did some research and ultimately exchanged out my PSU with Corsair. The new one came back and I’ve not had that issue since, but here...
  3. thebrokeone

    my pc won’t boot... please help!

    my pc will only turn in for about 10 seconds then turn off and it keeps repeating itself until i turn it off and it does not show a display. i removed the motherboard from the case and unplugged and replaced everything back in and still the same thing. What can i do??
  4. J

    Question Pc issues...not sure what to do.

    Hey guys. I just built my pc yesterday. It was running fine for that day and today until it randomly shut off and gave me an orange dram light on motherboard after trying to boot it back up. I have tried: reseating ram, booting with one stick, trying the possibilities of my 4 ram sticks in 2...
  5. R

    Question PLEASE HELP!!! CPU and DRAM light are on

    I'm trying to build my first pc and I'm stuck and have no idea what to do. Both the CPU and DRAM lights on the motherboard turn on when I try to boot the pc. I've switched out the motherboard. the ram, and even the CPU and the same thing happens. I have tried looking for a solution online but...
  6. sebbuku

    Question Bios Issue?

    So I just got done cleaning my PC for the first time today, about 6 months since I built everything. Anyways I applied new thermal paste to the CPU, the CPU was out of the socket for maybe 10 mins max. Upon rebooting my system I got a cmos cleared message. Is this normal? It seemed odd to me...
  7. ineedhelppleaseu

    [SOLVED] (Help) Pc suddenly turns off when being used ?

    Hi I created an account here for help, A month ago i built my pc with a help of my Cousin. A week ago, Saturday, I moved my pc to my uncle's home because i needed internet connection (yes i dont have internet connection because my isp havent installed it yet), after i installed everything i...
  8. brbcrying

    Question [SOLVED] Lagging in games, but have low ping and high FPS??

    I built this PC at the end of May. Last week I installed some Touchaqua Bitspower Case fans (x3) which had a separate fan hub and ARGB controllor, both of which had direct power from the PSU via sata connector. Then, I was suddenly cutting audio in and out and my games were SUPER laggy, like...
  9. Sowano

    Question Need help with a quick thing

    So basically I’am almost done with my pc then I notice that the cable set of the four small ones, that wire has an end to it and I have no idea where to put it, it’s something with my case, NZXT H510 What I mean is that normally (from my perspective) is that the cable with the front panel...
  10. G

    Question Ram Unstable at XMP

    When setting my ram to its XMP profile, (3200MHZ, 16-18-18-18-36) when under load or i play a game it cuases me a blue screen. i have since had to reduce my speed to 2133 to avoid the blue screen but every now and then chrome tabs just freeze on me and random app crashes occur I have a ryzen 7...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Why isn't my newly built PC DISPLAYING?

    Newly built PC everything put together, the PC turns on and runs, but does not display onto the monitor. The PC beeps 3 times on startup. tried multiple different ways to output on different output monitors, no dice. the fans run, the case leds go on, an orange light on the mother board lights...
  12. J

    Question Will start games on my PC, run for a little bit then screen becomes a random solid color and makes weird sounds, PC also gets loud

    I recently built my very own PC and all went well. I thought so anyway. I built it without a graphics card and could run games fine since I had a Ryzen 5 2400g cpu and it has the integrated graphics on it. I then bought a ASUS RX 580 DDR5 4GB gpu, and for some reason when I play games I can play...
  13. RX-81

    Question Need help with crashing PC

    Hey guys, i really need help, built a pc 2 days ago (RX 580, Ryzen 5 2600x, 8gb ram, 500W PSU, ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0) windows works, everything seems good unless i launch a game, when I loauch CSGO it opens goes to the menu and the screen turns to one color and crashes and 'no imput' shows up...
  14. UntamableWhiskers

    Question New computer built, but having ramm speed issues please help

    Hello, bought and built a new pc for myself PARTS LIST HERE https://pcpartpicker.com/list/K7C78M View: https://imgur.com/a/D1QFDdZ this should be a link to the screen shoots i took from its speeds Can someone please help me with this! and get it set to a GOOD speed I updated all the...
  15. R

    Question very warm memory

    Hi guys, so i got a new pc and its very good and the cooling for all the components is great, i think lol, but the only problem is my memory temp goes to around 85-90 degrees when im playing and obviously this isnt good for the memory. Anybody know how i can cool this down etc? Also anybody...
  16. A

    Question Motherboard Flashes Once, Then Turns Off

    This is my first time building a pc so apologies if I missed a crucial step. I’ve tried turning on the motherboard to my newly built pc, only for it to flash a single light blue light, and then power down. I can’t turn on the computer through the power button, and none of the components seem to...
  17. M

    Question My power went out while installing something onto an SSD and now it is not being recognized by my pc in any way, shape, or form!

    Before I ask anything let me explain how I have my drives set up. I have an HDD that is set as my default drive. I use that one to boot up Windows and everything. Most of my files are on there. I recently got a secondary 1TB SSD as I'm a video editor and it really would help to have faster...
  18. M

    Question Just built a computer and it’s not working

    Hello someone please help me I just built my first computer and when I turned it on nothing happened the fans didn’t spin no boot or anything I thought it was the power supply but it was brand new and when I did the paper clip test the fan on the power supply spun so I now am thinking it’s the...
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Help pc not starting at all

    Recently build a new pc and literally Nothing happens when i press the start button, absolutly nothing Pls help
  20. F

    [SOLVED] Do I need to change a motherboard ?

    Hello everyone , So I thought about buying an RTX 2080 and my motherboard is supporting max PCI -E 3.0 x8 . The graphics card ports are PCI -E x16 . Do I need to buy a new motherboard ? If the answer is yes , can you please recommend about a good one ? (BTW the model of the graphics card I...