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  1. Cameron231099

    Question PCI(e) compatibility

    Heyo. Haven't built a system in a long time and looking to upgrade. Currently stuck on the motherboard of all things though, as the PCI(e) generations are confusing me. Chipsets like the B350 are listed as PCIe gen2 yet the listings of actual B350 motherboards are stating it's using PCIe...
  2. MoeDR

    Question Is PCIE 2.0 GPU compatible to keep with 12th Gen i3 CPU and B660/H670 mobo?

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT use my computer for gaming. Hello, I am going to upgrade my current setup from i5-8400/Asus prime Z370-P to a B660 D4 mobo and i3-12100 or 12100f depending on whether my current GPU is compatible. That is a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6770 specs here and further specs here...
  3. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Setting PCIE slot to gen 3 instead of gen 4

    In the UEFI you can set the GPU's PCIE lane version on what version you want it, my question is if you set the lane to.....let's say version 3.0, will the lane of the NVME drives also change to that version? Correct me if I'm wrong and I am surely wrong, to my knowledge or how I understand NVME...
  4. V

    Question RTX 3060 in pci-e 2.0

    Hi, i need to buy a new gpu, but i have an older system. Can i put rtx 3060 to pci-e 2.0 x16?
  5. G

    [SOLVED] PCI-E: If one card is gen 2 and the other gen 4, will it slow down my gen 4 ?

    My video card is gen 4 and I've got a storage card that is gen 2, will my video card be slowed to gen 2 ?
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Help me understand this. M.2 PCI Express 3.0 speed on PCI express 2.0 compatible CPU.

    So. A friend of mine just bought a PCI express 3 M.2 SSD to use in his old computer, he bought it with one of those PCI express extension cards where you can add the M.2. After he bought it and installed it, he suddenly became worried that maybe that old computer couldn't fully utilize the...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] PCI2.0 x16

    My Mobo has PCI2.0 x16 what does this means.Does this means that i can put 2 Graphics cards are one time? If yes then what are the pros and the cones of it?
  8. Guppu

    [SOLVED] Does the 0K83V0 Dell Inspiron 560s Motherboard have a PCI-e slot?

    The system is a Dell Inspiron 560s. It's a pre-built PC but I am planning to upgrade the Graphics Card. The question is whether the motherboard comes with PCI-e x16 (2.0) slots or not. My issues are: The motherboard seems to be attached to the case. The case is just 80mm in width. That means...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] How to know if PCIe x 16 is alive without actually inserting a graphics card/any other peripheral ?

    I am planning to buy a graphics card, however I have some doubt about whether my PCIe slot is alive or not because of the following : 1. A few years ago my PC stopped working. The local mechanic replaced the SMPS and took out the Zotac GT 610. VGA was then directly plugged to the motherboard. I...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] What is the best way of powering the GTX 770's 6 pin and 8 pin power inputs from a single 6 pin and 3 spare molex cables from my PSU?

    I'm upgrading the GPU in my HP Pavillion h8-1170uk (sorry). I bought the GTX 1660 only to find out my mobo isn't compatible thanks to the lack of UEFI Bios. With this in mind, I'm trying to find a non-UEFI compatible card that will run on a 460w PSU. I'm also wanting 4GB of GDDR5 for some of...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] What h55 motherboard has pcie 3.0?

    Hello I'm looking to buy a motherboard for my xeon x 3460. All the motherboard I checked so far has pcie 2.0 but it'd be great if anyone can tell me me if there is any pcie 3.0 motherboard available.
  12. W

    [SOLVED] XPS 9100 Graphic Card Upgrade

    Hey! I am currently trying to upgrade my graphics card on my XPS 9100, I don't know a lot about computers but I found a nice graphics card that my friend recommended online for a cheap price. It is a GeForce GTX 1050 2gb card. My current card is a ATI Radeon 5700 (a good ol boy) and it really...
  13. N

    Question A Z390 motherboard should switch to x8/x8 PCI with second graphics card, right?

    When I add a second, identical 2080ti graphics card and Nvlink to my Asrock z390 system, the cards show up in x16/x4 mode, not x8/x8 mode as expected, so I get no SLI. The only other thing I have installed on the motherboard is an .M2 SSD which I've tried in two different slots. I've tried...
  14. B

    Question How come a pcie x1 card is faster in a pcie x8 slot?

    I have a motherboard which is pci 2.0. If I put the pcie x1 sata 3 adapter card into the pci x1 slot, I only get about 170MB/s with a sata 3 ssd drive. If I put the card into a 8x pcie slot, then I get about 450MB/s! Why would it be different? The pcie-x1 is supposed to be 500MB/s. I dont see...
  15. oneGamerE

    Question 240Vac electric system for a 115V-230V power supply?

    Well, I just bought a Raidmax ss530 willing to connect a GTX560 for the next months. CNET Specs - https://www.cnet.com/products/raidmax-hybrid-series-rx-530ss-power-supply-530-watt/ 1. My contry's eletric system is 240V with 50-60Hz of freuency, as well as my energy cable that goes to the psu...
  16. T

    LAN / WAN Research Project

    You have just begun working as a networking consultant for a company called BMCC Associates Inc. One of your first tasks is to help troubleshoot a small Ethernet network at a Home Insurance office in the city of Pittsburg, PA called Armica Home Insurance Co. The backbone of this local network...
  17. U

    Looking to upgrade Galaxy S3 to an Android with a big display for ~ 350usd MAX, Need help!

    As the title simply states, I am looking for a 5.5" + display (preferably 6") unlocked android phone to replace my aged samsung galaxy s3, I am hoping to get good battery life, an improved camera performance, nice display, and overall have something new and unique in general. I have been...
  18. MrSnict

    Best Monitor for £100-£170

    First of all, I would like to note that I'll be using this for a few things. I'd prefer it to be one with about 100hz and up. But I would like a very nice, crisp finish. I like my fidelity in my games to be pretty high. I've had a look around and come with two choices for myself, but others are...