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  1. A

    [SOLVED] What h55 motherboard has pcie 3.0?

    Hello I'm looking to buy a motherboard for my xeon x 3460. All the motherboard I checked so far has pcie 2.0 but it'd be great if anyone can tell me me if there is any pcie 3.0 motherboard available.
  2. W

    [SOLVED] XPS 9100 Graphic Card Upgrade

    Hey! I am currently trying to upgrade my graphics card on my XPS 9100, I don't know a lot about computers but I found a nice graphics card that my friend recommended online for a cheap price. It is a GeForce GTX 1050 2gb card. My current card is a ATI Radeon 5700 (a good ol boy) and it really...
  3. N

    Question A Z390 motherboard should switch to x8/x8 PCI with second graphics card, right?

    When I add a second, identical 2080ti graphics card and Nvlink to my Asrock z390 system, the cards show up in x16/x4 mode, not x8/x8 mode as expected, so I get no SLI. The only other thing I have installed on the motherboard is an .M2 SSD which I've tried in two different slots. I've tried...
  4. B

    Question How come a pcie x1 card is faster in a pcie x8 slot?

    I have a motherboard which is pci 2.0. If I put the pcie x1 sata 3 adapter card into the pci x1 slot, I only get about 170MB/s with a sata 3 ssd drive. If I put the card into a 8x pcie slot, then I get about 450MB/s! Why would it be different? The pcie-x1 is supposed to be 500MB/s. I dont see...
  5. oneGamerE

    Question 240Vac electric system for a 115V-230V power supply?

    Well, I just bought a Raidmax ss530 willing to connect a GTX560 for the next months. CNET Specs - https://www.cnet.com/products/raidmax-hybrid-series-rx-530ss-power-supply-530-watt/ 1. My contry's eletric system is 240V with 50-60Hz of freuency, as well as my energy cable that goes to the psu...
  6. T

    LAN / WAN Research Project

    You have just begun working as a networking consultant for a company called BMCC Associates Inc. One of your first tasks is to help troubleshoot a small Ethernet network at a Home Insurance office in the city of Pittsburg, PA called Armica Home Insurance Co. The backbone of this local network...
  7. U

    Looking to upgrade Galaxy S3 to an Android with a big display for ~ 350usd MAX, Need help!

    As the title simply states, I am looking for a 5.5" + display (preferably 6") unlocked android phone to replace my aged samsung galaxy s3, I am hoping to get good battery life, an improved camera performance, nice display, and overall have something new and unique in general. I have been...
  8. MrSnict

    Best Monitor for £100-£170

    First of all, I would like to note that I'll be using this for a few things. I'd prefer it to be one with about 100hz and up. But I would like a very nice, crisp finish. I like my fidelity in my games to be pretty high. I've had a look around and come with two choices for myself, but others are...